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Marble Finish

24 June 2016

Inspiration came from a watch that the hairstylist Travis Bandiera bought online, characterised by a marble face. And it is that marble effect that Travis recreated on the hair, with stunning gloss/matte contrasts.

Join the audience for this inspirational evening where Fellowship members take to the stage to showcase their skills in four minute presentation. Always promises to be a fantastic night!

Aspirational Luxe

24 June 2016

Luxurious, elegant, expensive – the who strolls the city streets:  confident, poised, graciously groomed. He treats fashion like a second skin, comfortable in both elegant suits and casual chic. 

Viva Baroque!

23 June 2016

Six looks with the emphasis on movement, volume, length, shape and total elegance! Straddling the gap between futurism and a Renaissance past, hair is precise,  defined and statuesquely sculptural.  

Artisan Chic

23 June 2016

The hair becomes a canvas, a surface on which only true artists have the skill to paint different colours in a brilliant manner. By using pastel rainbow hues, hair colour becomes a new way to express your inner artistry.

So Smart So Cool is the manifestation of beauty in term of both masculinity and femininity for summer 2016 . It's a fascinating synthesis and interpretation of rockabilly grooming complimented by rock-chick chic in a  chromatic harmony of colour, rich in reflections of past heritage.


22 June 2016

Colour is the main protagonist in this  hair fashion collection by Christiano Lanza. From yellow to green and  pink: it creates energy and dynamism with distracting from the innate charm and precision of the cut.   


22 June 2016

Inspired by the essence of 50s Americana.

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