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Thursday, 26 April 2012 13:37
Published in Corporate

Estetica Magazine is part of an international network and its main headquaters are located in Turin, in the North of Italy.

Our Network

The network now number 26 international editions distributed in 60 countries worldwide with an overall circulation of 335,000.

The editorial offices, graphics department, sales and administrative offices are located in Torino, Italy. But Estetica also relies on teams based in Paris, London, Frankfurt, and Barcelona as well as specialised journalists in every corner of the globe.All these individuals are the lifeblood of our magazine. All working together in the international site of our network, Do you want to know more about Estetica?

Estetica UK

Estetica UK was founded in 1991 and was at the time a pioneering move for us, as it was the first edition of the magazine to be published outside Italy exclusively for a regional market. Up until that time, we’d had an International edition of Estetica, published in English, but Estetica UK was very much the first of its kind. After the enormous success enjoyed by Estetica UK from the outset, other editions soon followed, but the UK has always made a huge contribution to the globalisation of the brand. This is due to the creative talent, expertise and high educational standards with which British Hairdressing is synonymous.

As a result of an exhaustive and in-depth campaign, Estetica UK has recently seen its circulation figure break through the 15,000 barrier for printed copies.

Part of our formula for success is that the contents of Estetica UK are centred on three sections:  the Inspirational pages contain a superb layout of the most beautiful hair fashion collections, the latest celebrity looks, fabulous design, and news on cultural events, trends and more. The centre pages are dedicated to our International section, which paints an in-depth overview of the hottest trends of the moments from all corners of the globe. Finally, the Professional section features cutting-edge updates on everything today’s salon professional needs to know in order to make his or her business a success, including previews and reports, round-up articles, VIP interviews, and more. Our multimedia, digital and social network initiatives also mean that Estetica UK is accessible to many more readers than ever before, and as interest in our publication continues to grow we will strive to make our magazine even better.

Estetica: the magazine

Estetica, the market leader in specialised publishing, offers new product information, exhibition news, photo collections, step-by-steps, as well as the very latest in hair trends. The main section of the magazine, Estetica International, is common to all issues and is thus translated into 5 different languages. It offers an exciting preview of the very best in hair styles and fashion trends from around the globe. The front and the professional sections of each edition is unique to the countries where it is issued and provides readers with essential information on product innovation, celebrity interviews and industry news as well as corporate advertising.

Estetica: Customer Publishing

Estetica creates special monographic/mono-client editions in several languages. These are indispensable tools for consolidating the images of partner firms on an international level. Trade magazines and house organs: to promote a brand name, launch new product lines, boost a brand. Photographic books, collection books, trend albums: to document fashion trends, unveil an idea, celebrate an event, or reach the end user.

Our history
Founded in 1946, Estetica quickly established itself as the most informative publication at the forefront of the Italian hairdressing industry.
Since its founding more than 60 years ago, Estetica has established itself as a benchmark in the hair fashion sector with contents and information specifically for hair professionals, from fashion trends to salon management. The continued success of the “Estetica formula” led to its expansion on international markets. It was successfully launched in Japan in 1958, followed by Peru, Latin America and The Middle East in 1962 – 1963.

Our editions
The launch of the first Italian-English International edition was heralded in 1977. The year 1991 witnessed the birth of the local edition network (starting with Great Britain, soon to be followed by Germany and France). In 1999, the first licensed edition was published, later followed by 15 more. Edizioni Esav soon began to increase its offering of trade magazines for beauty professionals, always offering the utmost quality and prestige.

Digital World

Professional: A reference site for hairstylists worldwide. More than ten thematic columns and photo galleries that are regularly updated.

Consumer: (Italian) The online reference point dedicated to women, with a photographic archive of more than 3000 cuts and styles.

Professional: A reference site of Italian perfumeries featuring daily updates on news in perfumery.

Consumer: (Italian) A portal for women that contains all the newest trends in the world of beauty.

__Social network

the Estetica and Allure teams are active daily on all the leading social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Blog and YouTube…)


iHair <look finder>: the application dedicated to the world of hair. From the App Store, directly to your iPhone!


EsteticaMagazine: all the editions of Estetica in just one app!

The application enables you not only to browse through the magazine, but also allows access to unique multimedia contents like photo galleries, videos, and internet links intended to involve the you 100%. The “Hair Finder” section enables the user to search the hairstyle database containing more than 4,000 photos organized by length, color, and style. “Events” is dedicated to hairdressing fairs and shows on both a national and international levels, while in the “My Estetica” area, you can search through all the editions and download only the pages you are interested in to create a truly personalized magazine. There are now 13 of the 26 editions of the magazine available, each one with all the relative editorial references.


Contact us


88 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6AA.
Tel: 020 7841 2733  Cell: 07715 136248

Gary Kelly, Editor-in-Chief

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Edizioni Esav – Via Cavour, 50 – 10123 Torino (Italy)
Tel. +39 011 83921242  Fax +39 011 8171188 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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