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Colour Geometrics

21 April 2017

From pink to green to blue to gold: the colours are the prime protagonists of this hair fashion collection by Maria Magdalena Wieczerzak. Not only colour, but also a tribute to precision cutting along geometric lines.

Bridal Blush

21 April 2017

"Though I'll stand in your shadow it will be with so much pride, to see the friend I love become a blushing bride... congratulations on your big day!"


20 April 2017

The beauty of Vogue models and their iconic covers inspired the collection. Bringing together an ethereal beauty of the models paired with hair that will be trending in next few seasons, Uros wanted to create looks that are achievable yet inspirational to both hairdressers and clients alike.


20 April 2017

Inspired by iconic magazine front covers. Soft tones and blushes infuse together to create beautiful silhouettes, while saturated and fierce shades enhance texturised finishes. A striking array of colour palettes highlight strong shapes and compliment effective placements.

The Artistic Team at Rainbow Room International were the lucky winners of an all-expenses paid photoshoot, run and organised by The Hairdressers’ Charity. 

Fringe Benefits

19 April 2017

The fringe is the star of this look presentation by Sandra Nisterová. Independent, simple, sketchy punk details and strong colour touches. The common thread? A passion for the fringe! 

Edgy Luxe

18 April 2017

Welcome to Taylor Taylor London, with over 13 years of international experience in fashion, beauty and music, its unique collective of talent is recognised for a unique blend of East London edge and West London luxury.

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