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Barbie Girl

18 April 2018

Blue Tit East Village has launched its latest collection: Barbie Girl. Set a challenge to get creative and produce a salon photo shoot, the team crafted a collection using Barbie dolls – with plastic hair as their medium.

Essential Seventies

18 April 2018

Back to the Seventies with everything from rock chick to shaggy chic. Salvo Filetti has created this illuminated hair collection for Compagnia della Bellezza, which focuses on minimal glam, but no-frills elegance and femininity.

Tied to Beauty

17 April 2018

This collection expresses freedom and artistry as it celebrates the true meaning of festivals that showcase both music and the arts. It also allows a woman to be herself both beautiful and unique.


17 April 2018

Jérome Fendt takes us on a journey across ever-shifting sands - a trip to Copacabana or to the white beaches of Sardinia. This collection is a tribute to the natural hues of summer - shining, reflecting the sunlight and representing the elegance and glamour of the modern woman.

Human Touch

17 April 2018

The protagonists of Jean Paul Mynè's collection are authenticity and individuality – it'd  no longer important to be fashionable or to strive for perfection, but to be yourself. The very concept of beauty is freed from the monotony of perfection by embracing the essence of diversity.


16 April 2018

Shadows are enhanced in this collection by Avant Art through the use of soft nuances and geometric shapes. Hair is shiny and compact thanks to the use of a direct pigment colouring technique without oxidation, an excellent base to create different looks without weighing down the structure.


16 April 2018

The carefree effervescence of comic-strip colour blurs the border between fiction and reality.  #kawaii is a Japanese adjective translates as "cute" or "adorable"- synonymous with Tokyo street style of the 90s.

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