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Sculpted Volume

24 February 2017

Pink can't simply be pink. It needs peaches and rose gold to take it to the next level. Metallic highlights are delicately placed on pastel tones, blond and light brown enhance the bob, but caramel flyaways create the silhouette through the waves and big volume in this beautiful collection.

Hybrid Splendour

23 February 2017

Taking inspiration from the Unknown, man or creature, unidentified but also beautiful. Using a mixture of textures and shapes, Alan Keville went with strong colours conflicting against muted tones.

Vintage Flashback

22 February 2017

A beautiful collage depicting looks for a variety of cuts born originally in the retro epoch, but decomposed with a modern twist. While one of the images portrays the classical retro style, the second finds a modern decomposition with much more styling edge.


21 February 2017

When Michael Piastrino & Adrian Rotolo thought of their next photographic creative collaboration, one word kept coming up in conversation – family. ‘Famiglia’ showcases cuts and colours inspired by childhood memories, recollections of family gatherings and particular items associated with growing up.

Dandy Signature

20 February 2017

Sensual waves, irreverent fringes and tie dye touches for a bold audacious and free interpretation of elegance and beauty. Classic cut lines are enhanced by colour techniques ranging from the most natural to the most daring.


20 February 2017

Simple, bold, elegant, feminine shapes etched by inside out layering technique and bi-level outline shapes. Citrus colours are fused through the hair using freehand painting techniques. Sliding panels wrap around the silhouette.

Generation Millennial

20 February 2017

The language of creativity spoken by Generation Millennial, whose style watchword is DIY. Fresh, vibrant and positive, everyone is who they want to be and how they want to look, moving through glam and  hip-hop up into grunge. The common thread? The sparkling detail!

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