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Monday, 14 January 2019 10:04

Each picture in this collection celebrates the origins and equality by showing its own identity in our cosmopolitan society. Hair with different textures, unique colour techniques and the personality of each look blends to create its own pure essence of beauty.

Hair: Alexander Kiryliuk

Colour: Kílian Garrigós

Make-up: Miguel Silva

Style: Elena Estaun

Photos: David Arnal


  • Essence by Alexander Kiryliuk 1

  • Essence by Alexander Kiryliuk 2

  • Essence by Alexander Kiryliuk 3

  • Essence by Alexander Kiryliuk 4

  • Essence by Alexander Kiryliuk 5

  • Essence by Alexander Kiryliuk 6

  • Essence by Alexander Kiryliuk 7


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