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Thursday, 19 February 2015 16:37

There is a new technique sweeping through the wonderful world of hairdressing - PIXELATED HAIR is the new trend that the most daring of hair fashionista are experimenting with!


It has only been a few months since Spanish hairstylists X-Presion presented their pixelated hair technique to the world. Within hours of publication in the United States, the revolution has impacted over a million people! In addition, hairdressers who are trained with the system have shared their creations on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by using the #xpresionpixel hashtag, which has become a trend that has gone viral on the internet.


The look is achieved by clarifying and/or slightly obscuring certain areas of the hair giving a sense of vivid colour, which is transformed with each movement making the pixelated 3D effect. An exclusive service that revolutionizes the world of hair and offers endless color variations. There are those who manage to blend in with the tone of each person's hair or you can use neon colours to give more of a contrast.  


Enjoy our gallery below,  displaying the new batch of #xpresionpixel looks created by X-Presion

  • #xpresionpixel by X-Presion

  • #xpresionpixel by X-Presion

  • #xpresionpixel by X-Presion

  • #xpresionpixel by X-Presion

  • #xpresionpixel by X-Presion

  • #xpresionpixel by X-Presion

  • #xpresionpixel by X-Presion


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