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Ethereal Pure

17 June 2015

Angels, maybe. Or ethereal creatures evolving desire within their hearts? Pastel colours are the most rarefied way to add a glimpse of pureness to each and every hairstyle.

Flower Goddess

12 June 2015

The breathtaking styling of Sarah Adams' collection radiates with femininity. The goddesses exhibit the intricate flowers with such elegance that they simply seem to grow out of their regal souls in place of locks.

City Boy Casual

11 June 2015

Guys need a look that's versatile and adaptable, especially if their socialising skills are an extension of their work life! He's a stunning collection from Envy, for city guys who love to indulge and enjoy! 

The Onna-Bugeisha were female warriors belonging to the Japanese nobility. They were members of the bushi (samurai) class in feudal Japan and were trained in the use of weapons in times of war.

The Four Elements

02 June 2015

Earth, Water, Air and Fire are the four forces of nature recreated by hairstylist Gonzalo Zarauza. Red as Fire, brown as the Earth, fresh as Water and light as the Air. Intricate and eccentric hairstyles for the most inspiring avant-garde queens.

Peachy in Pink

28 May 2015

Following the overwhelming feedback from the release of Pink, the Easy Collection, Patrick Cameron has decided to release the second phase of the collection to support his campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness.

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