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Frame of Mind

30 January 2019

Celestial blues, refined blondes and lively reds, but also brushstrokes of purple. The Frame of Mind collection by IdHAIR International Art Team focuses on the power of colour. The green light is given to intertwining, shaving and plaits.


30 January 2019

Classic shapes are flanked by bright colours in the hairstyling collection by Sam Carpenter. "Beacon is a fun and futuristic vision of feminine beauty," explains Sam. “A representation of the contemporary woman, who moves away from the idea of a sensual and submissive female figure to embrace dynamism and independence.”


29 January 2019

All about contemporary styles, encapsulating gorgeousness, versatility and femininity. This brilliant hair fashion collection was created under renowned hairdresser Laetitia Guenaou's supervision.

Cherry Blossoms

28 January 2019

A return to the natural and rebellious styling of the 1990s with Cherry Blossoms, the news collection from the Rodney Wayne Salon. The geometric bob is enhanced by copper nuances, while the graphic lines give it a gritty refinement. The Lob becomes longer, and its tips are texturised with sea salt spray…


28 January 2019

The Chameleon has the ability to change to suit the environment – to hide or to become visible. In the same way the Chameleon person changes their look, behaviour and attitude to suit a changing mood or situation.


25 January 2019

An uber-textured and stunningly sensual collection by Adrian Gutierrez that is all about projecting the magnificence  and amplification of ceeative shapes and styling.

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