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Buzz cuts, boho braids, clean lines, vibrant textures - the looks in the new  ESTEL Art Team trend collection2020 are confident and expressive while celebrating diversity and contrasts.

WIld Embers

25 October 2019

Curls and waves are enhanced by a metallic glow In Kristie Kesic's Wild Embers collection, which is inspired by a luminous fragment amid smouldering ashes. Different shades of red are placed side by side, creating movement and three-dimensionality, with endless possibilities for customisation.

Hot Clash

25 October 2019

Multicolour hair and vibrant details for the new awe-inspiring collection by Anne Veck. From yellow mellow to ocean blue, from coral red to champagne blonde: rich and intense shades take centre stage.

Two outstanding looks by Valérie Guillau: one Commercial with hard lines are made sweeter by the powdery hue of light pink; one Avant Garde where fuchsia meets turquoise in contrast with elaborate and architectural forms.

Mexico Rebel

24 October 2019

Rebellion by  Ivan Rodriguez:  in search of one's own identity; experimenting on the way with inspiring, alternative  looks! Extra-blonde hair and natural highlights for extreme rebelliousness.


23 October 2019

Gender is a not simply male or female. It’s not black and white, but a multi-coloured spectrum of beauty and diversity. You can’t tell a person’s religion simply by looking, and neither can you tell a person’s gender that way. We are all free to choose where on the spectrum we will…

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