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29 December 2020

A collection inspired by women and their strength. Each color and each cut, is related to a type of personality. From the most romantic pinks, through ice tones, to the most aggressive blues.


24 December 2020

Ayla is the daughter of war, yet she has a sensitive temperament and hides her emotions. She also conquered Süleyman's heart, who risked his own life in saving hers.


23 December 2020

Disutopia is a play on the Japanese term dystopia, which is the starting point for Alfredo and Miriam's futuristic inspiration for this work. Hair is the reflection of an identity that does not allow itself to be annulled by social diktats and that finds its salvation in freedom of expression and individuality.

Heart and Soul

22 December 2020

A collection that demonstrates love and passion for textured hair styling. The imagery results are bold and striking with emphasis on the strength in the movement and body incorporated into the hair.

Galactica #2

21 December 2020

For this new collection Gina Gino wanted simple and modern hairstyles, pure and trendy lines, touches of strong colours in contrast and plenty of subtleties.

Red Riot

17 December 2020

Dark and brooding, red aims to reflect female empowerment while shows women as confident in their own sexuality able to define their own image and agenda.

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