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20 May 2020

Classic is a collection about perennial styles. Although years go by, the techniques used are adapted to each fashion cycle creating looks that are always topical. In the Classic collection, black and white predominates, two colours that are always present in the creator’s palette.

Event Horizon

20 May 2020

An 80s sci-fi adventure from Hair Slayerz, a collective of alternative hair artists from around the globe fusing retro-futuristic vivid colours, with dystopian asymmetric cuts & cyber-punk avant-garde.

This collection from Monster House London conveys a glimpse into the London underground queer scene, where styled and aesthetics are not defined or standardised by gender.


18 May 2020

Inspired by London’s New Romantics and the legendary Benetton campaigns of the 1980s, 'Libertines' sees hair coloured using bright monochromic hues –a fresh take on the vivid craze – and styled in Beauty Underground’s signature look of multiple textures and editorial styling.

Block Rockin'

18 May 2020

The Block Rockin’ Collection is a homage to the long hair and rebellious styles of the rock bands of the 70s and 80s.


14 May 2020

The hairdresser, the art. This collection is a tribute to that fine line that separates (or not) these two concepts. Art has always been a source of inspiration for the hairdresser, and the hairdresser has undoubtedly over time evolved into an artist.

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