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A Taste of Hollywood Design

Wednesday, 08 June 2016 11:14

The trendsetting work of Joico’s crazy-great colourist, Denis De Souza, has been splashed across magazines from coast to coast… it’s come to life on Joico’s most popular videos…and has appeared on stage and in Joico's classes. The guy is, frankly, a genius hair artist!



Introducing, Mare: a self-described beauty oasis, where client pampering is as much a priority as really stunningly beautiful hair. "I’ve never been one of those people who stay comfortable focusing on just one thing—which is why I’ve been juggling my busy schedule as a hair colourist and an ambassador for Joico. I truly believe the possibilities for growth in our industry are endless… so for me, it was just about reaching the next step in my career and acknowledging there’s always room for more!" says De Souza, whose Mare Salon co-owner partners include celebrity hairstylists Mara Roszak and Alex Polillo.

But why the name, Mare? Denis admits: "There’s no secret behind the choice. It’s such a pretty word—in English, Mare is the feminine term for a horse; and in my native Portuguese, it means ocean—so when my two partners suggested the name, I jumped on it. Sounds so lovely, I think."

Mare is an intimate salon—only 12 chairs total (seven for stylists, five for colourists); but Denis and his co-owner partners turned it into a pretty special beauty oasis for their customers. Designed by Richard Petit, the salon has a definite Franco-Japonaise influence… tons of natural light; an indoor/outdoor zen garden where clients can enjoy a cappuccino and take advantage of the California weather. "I’ve been dreaming about this salon forever; and creating it took almost two years. But it’s been soooo worth the wait!" says Denis.

But Mare isn’t just a salon… it’s a lifestyle! Everything in the salon is for sale—from furniture, to art, to jewellery. Clients walk in and the vibe is chic and elegant, yet super cozy; like you’re in the gorgeous home of a best friend. In the end, they’re striving to create beauty in hair and in life. Mare Salon's staff has a wide variety of skills and expertise. If anything, Mare’s specialty is creating refined but effortless hair; making sure clients don’t become slaves to the salon for touch-ups and can replicate their style at home.


"We want every client who leaves our salon to feel special and pampered; after all, they’re spending hours with us. Those should be hours well spent. Fortunately, in the short time we’ve been open, lots of clients have been complimenting us about our great energy and warmth… and for me, that’s the most important thing to hear," says De Souza.


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