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Anne Veck Premieres at Digital Art Expo

Monday, 04 May 2020 14:23

Anne Veck’s artistic interpretation of the effect of fashion upon the environment was captured to perfection recently in her Toxic Fashion collection - a collation of imagery which secured Anne a prime position at the exhibition at the Oxfordshire Art Week and Jam Factory exhibition.

Were it not for the extenuating circumstances of which we're all so aware, today would have been the preview of the opening of Anne’s artistic interpretation. “Toxic Fashion was designed as an artistic challenge to us all, including myself, to create a shoot entirely from up-cycled elements," explains Anne. "I combed the beach, the refuse sites and found all of the elements I needed to reflect the many ways in which fashion impacts the earth and its inhabitants and the seas and theirs. To have it, even digitally, represented as part of a festival of Art is a huge triumph and honour.”   

Toxic Fashion has caught many an art eye, as this hair art has been shortlisted for the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition. The collection demonstrates how art, fashion and hair are intricately entwined.

To view Anne's online gallery please CLICK HERE and click below to see Toxic Fashion presented at the 2019 Alternative Hair Show.


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