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Discover the Education Techniques You Need: Discover the DESIGN Collection!

Thursday, 12 October 2017 12:02

The DESIGN Collection by Revlon Professional® is a new idea and a new expression of strength and sophistication, combining innovative hair colour with imaginative styling.

The exclusive educational materials and training courses that accompany The Design Collection will teach you the techniques you need to achieve multifunctional cuts, innovative colour and imaginative styling in services that satisfy even the most exacting clients.


This collection of haircuts, colouring techniques and styling is driven by the power of minimalist art and architecture complemented by the pure colours and shapes of nature. The resulting look isn’t plain or dull, but elevated,  sophisticated and refined in its simplicity. The DESIGN Collection is a triumph of the ethos of “Less is More”.

While colour and styling are essentially pared down, the DESIGN Collection still provide the professional enough services to satisfy even the most exacting of clients. The products have more meaningful benefits and deliver more impactful results. In other words, less really is more.


Cutting: Greenery
The highly defined lines of this haircut with the androgynous contrasts between masculine and feminine: the cut is the basis for a look which is  powerful, sculptural and individual; a close-cropped Warrior cut.
Green, the colour of 2017, brings the lushness of nature to the DESIGN Collection. Combined with the close-cropped Warrior cut, the look is powerful, sculptural and individual.

Styling: Cool White
Styling hair into a sleek, controlled ponytail results in conveying the concept of cool, modern elegance. A testimony to simplicity , enhanced by  the beauty of authenticity.
Cool White is a new creamy shade that heightens the precise contours of the hair. Never before has the absence of pigment reflected even more colour! By styling the hair into a sleek, controlled ponytail, the result conveys a cool, modern elegance.

Colour: Luxurious Gold
From golden shades to neutral nuances of white, this look creates a juxtaposition of light and shade,  dominated by straight lines that transform the structure with one simple movement.
The Luxurious Gold technique helps create an avant-garde look when the hair is creatively styled. For instance, a simple ponytail looks anything but basic when the hair is brushed from the nape to the front and two clips are fastened strategically so the ends create a fringe over the forehead. The look is simple, refined and original.


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