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The Fellowship Heads to Wales

Monday, 20 August 2018 09:25

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing continues to cover new ground, as their next event heads to Wales. Here, local expert Casey Coleman explains why it’s more important than ever.

This October sees The Fellowship for British Hairdressing take their inspiring Hair & Vision event on tour, with dates in Leeds and Wales – and an Edinburgh date in November. Hair & Vision combines live hairdressing demos and model presentations with inspiring interviews from the evening’s line-up of guests, exploring the ideas behind their work, as well as the real-world interpretations of their styles for you to trial in salon.

On Monday 1 October, the Fellowship will be in Cardiff, with an exciting line-up of local talent from the South West, including Ken Picton, Craig Chapman, Jamie Hill and Ian Davies. Also on the line-up is Casey Coleman, owner of CHAIR Salons and a real one to watch in the industry. We caught up with Casey to find out why there’s never been a better time to be working in Wales – and what the Fellowship’s event means to him.

What’s the hairdressing scene like in Wales at the moment?

The Welsh hairdressing scene is becoming a real hotspot for emerging talent. We’ve got some amazing local names already, but thanks to social media, rising stars of the Welsh industry are able to be seen and heard much more than before. It’s exciting to see local stylists making a name for themselves – I love to cheer on fellow Welsh hairdressers, because we’re all after similar goals.

How have you seen it change in the last few years?

I think there are still a lot of hairdressers in Wales that don’t know about the creative side of the industry, but social media as well as associations like the Fellowship are allowing the artistic side of our industry to become more accessible. Wales is becoming more and more open-minded; for example, as the owner of the first gender-neutral salon in Wales, I’m proud to see that other salons in the region are also starting to change the way they approach gender policies.

What would you say to people that think they have to be in London for a successful hairdressing career?

There are plenty of hairdressers across the country that prove this theory is a myth. Yes, you might have to work a little harder to gain opportunities, and yes it might be easier if it’s on your doorstep, but the same opportunities are available for anyone to take. It’s all about networking, assisting and dedicating your time and money toward the career you want.

Why is it important that the Fellowship is coming to Cardiff for this event?

Above all I think it’s awesome that the Fellowship are sourcing talent from outside of the capital; it’s great to see such an important industry body taking an interest in hairdressers outside of London. This is super important for us because it means not only can we showcase local talent, but we can also make other hairdressers aware of what else is going on within the industry right now.

What are you most looking forward to about the event?

The Fellowship gave me my first stage experience and after years of working on stage across the world, it’ll be a nice way come full circle and showcase some creativity in my homeland. I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, getting creative on stage and showcasing some new work, as well as sharing the stage with immense talent and seeing what the other artists come up with! I really believe that the Welsh industry is becoming more and more ambitious, so this will be a great way to help push that.


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