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ILLUMINA: Loving the Light

Friday, 14 December 2012 16:46

Illumina Color is taking the market by storm, as colorists and clients alike respond with an enthusiasm and excitement that is exceeding all expectations!

Years of technical research and development go into launching a new hair colour, and extensive testing and re-testing meant that Wella Professionals was quietly confident about what the public’s reaction would be to ILLUMINA Color when it was launched onto the UK market in the first half of 2012. All the elements were in place: 100% grey coverage, sheer, beautiful long-lasting colour, condition and softness to the touch and simplicity to use. But ILLUMINA Color was also offering that one vital yet elusive extra that all women crave - incredible luminosity.

The Word is out
At the ILLUMINA Color launch party in London, the audience was instantly ‘wowed’ by the exquisite luminous effect that the lights above the catwalk created as they were reflected off the models’ hair; Josh Wood, Wella Professionals Global Creative Director spoke of how ILLUMINA Color reflects colour in every kind of light, while Sylvie Moreau, General Manager, P&G Salon Professional, voiced what was in everyone’s mind: “The true test of how big an innovation really is, comes when it reaches the hands of the stylist.” In the ensuing months, the reaction from professionals up and down the UK has been, quite simply, phenomenal.

Clarity & Impact
One of the first salons in the UK to stock ILLUMINA Color was the award­ winning D&J Ambrose Salon in North London. It has enabled the salon to offer a premium permanent colour service with beautiful luminosity and no compromise on hair health. D&J Ambrose colour expert Stuart Bane immediately welcomed ILLUMINA Color as a highly marketable addition to Wella Professional’s already extensive colour portfolio. Most importantly he welcomed a colour that was able to deliver the sheerest iridescent tones, yet still maintained clarity and impact. His clientele loved the results immediately, in particular commenting on how ILLUMINA Color left their hair feeling rejuvenated and fresh. Word soon spread amongst the salon’s clients that the results achieved were so sheer, pure and younger ­looking which made ILLUMINA Color also become a great tool for colour introduction, even for colour ­shy clients, who may have been sceptical about colour in the past.

Intelligent colour
Quick to embrace any innovation in colour is the iconic team from Toni&Guy, whose work over the past five decades has been pioneering in positively influencing client perception of colour. Jayson Gray, International Technical Creative Director discovered that ILLUMINA Color not only delivers instamatic results, but also seems to add individual ‘personality’ to the hair. In his view, the sheer tones that are deposited into the hair far exceed the results achieved by the leading competitor brand: “This is flawless colour with real intelligence ­ it is incredibly easy to work with from start to finish,” adds Jayson. “Every client I have used it on has been instantly impressed with the end results. For me it is the ultimate colour palette and I wouldn’t be without it.” P&G Global Education Design Manager, Jon Commander, has also received some fantastic, positive feedback from salons. One of the strongest messages that is coming across from clients is that they become instantly “sold” on ILLUMINA Color. They see & feel the difference immediately and say they will never go back to any other hair color product! Clients love how natural the shades are and how the hair colour looks and feels ­ healthy, younger­ looking, soft to touch with a beautiful luminous shine. Jon received one particular quote from a stylist, Claus Hochreuter, who said that a 73 year old premier client of his literally had tears of joy in her eyes when she saw the results ­ it was “her” natural hair colour that she’d had as a teenager!

Sheer simplicity...
From the colour technician’s perspective the big benefit is that there’s nothing new to learn compared to existing Koleston Perfect colour. ILLUMINA Color is simple to mix in a 1:1 ratio and has a very light whipped texture. Annette Robinson is the colour expert at Mosaic Hair, where the team of colorists is really enjoying the experience of working with ILLUMINA Color: “We’re all loving it ­ some of the more popular shades like 5/35 and 7/35 are a complete sell­out! From our clients’ point of view it really is all about the wonderful shine and luminosity.

Premium service
ILLUMINA Color provides a premium service that deserves a premium price. Jill Bliss, colour guru at Suyo Hairdressing in Birmingham, sees ILLUMINA Color as a revolution for the salon, giving clients exactly what they want: a superior hair colour with a very noticeable difference. “ILLUMINA Color is our premium brand; it offers Suyo clients a luxurious hair colour with ultra shine finish. I am particularly impressed by the increased luminosity when using ILLUMINA Color, as well as the 100% grey coverage that can be achieved across the entire palette ­ from neutral to striking.” Jon Commander also agrees that ILLUMINA Color is the premium service that salons can offer: “Each time the stylist reaches for a tube then they can charge more across every salon colour service they do.

Public perception
And it’s not just colourists and clients who are noticing the difference ­ it’s a proven fact that hair luminosity is crucial in predicting age, health and attractiveness perception. This has come to light as a result of studies carried out by Dr. Bernhard Fink, head of a research group funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG). Dr. Fink has run a set of perception studies to analyze the impact of hair cuticle damage on visual perception and attractiveness: “The eye­-tracking data clearly shows that undamaged coloured and damaged natural hair receive high visual attention. However, only undamaged coloured hair gives you the kind of ‘positive attention’ you want, as it is judged most positively on age, health and attractiveness.” Dr Fink has investigated how hair appearance affects how people perceive and judge one another. It has been discovered that women who possess these hair traits are perceived as more attractive than women who do not. The results revealed that undamaged, coloured hair received the most positive reaction and was deemed to be the most youthful, healthy and attractive hair.

In and out of the salon
Wella Professionals’ exceptionally talented Colour Club members were among some of the first professionals in the UK to put ILLUMINA Color to the test in the salon. Members meet regularly to build communication between colourists and Wella Professionals, in addition to educating and participating in shoots and shows promoting the Wella Professionals brand.

Claire Chell (Creative Director; Francesco Group; Member of Wella Colour Club) comments: “ILLUMINA Color delivers amazing results - a real wonder of light. As well as offering a new dimension of colour to our existing colour clients, we can now engage with colour-shy clients who are only willing to consider a totally natural result.

Danny Dowle (Salon Creative Director @ Cheynes Hairdressing) comments: “ILLUMINA Color is different as it reflects light on hair from every angle. It boasts superior hair protection and up to 70% more light reflection as well as up to 100% white hair coverage, making it a perfect choice for clients.

Becci Giacopazzi (Wella Professionals Colour Club Member @ Marc Antoni, led by Bruno Marc) says: “ILLUMINA Color has enabled us to introduce ‘natural hair’ clients into colour that enhances their natural tones and increases luminosity. It creates a wider selection of warm and cool palettes, meaning there is something for everyone.

Faye Turner (Creative Colour Director @ HOB Salons & Head of Technical Education) says: “ILLUMINA Color is a great product both for shows and shoots, and as a service to offer clients. This year’s UK Trend Vision Award Final showcased the creative way it can be worked. It leaves the hair feeling like it hasn’t been coloured, a perfect product to use.

Wonder of light
So salons which stock ILLUMINA Color are offering a service which has actually been proven to make their clients appear more attractive. Every woman has the right to be ILLUMINAted by the Wonder of Light!




Wella Professionals

  • ILLUMINA: Loving the light

  • ILLUMINA: Loving the light

    An inter-mixable colour palette guarantees the perfect shade of colour for your client’s complexion or overall look.

  • ILLUMINA: Loving the light

  • ILLUMINA: Loving the light

  • ILLUMINA: Loving the light

  • ILLUMINA: Loving the light

  • ILLUMINA: Loving the light

  • ILLUMINA: Loving the light

  • ILLUMINA: Loving the light

  • ILLUMINA: Loving the light

    Claire Chell - Creative Director @ Francesco Group

  • ILLUMINA: Loving the light

    Danny Dowie - Creative Director @ Cheynes Hairdressing

  • ILLUMINA: Loving the light

    Becci Giacopazzi @ Marc Antoni

  • ILLUMINA: Loving the light

    Faye Turner - Creative Colour Director & Head of Technical Education @ HOB Salons


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