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An Interview with David Siero: a Spanish Stylist and TONI&GUY London Educator

Monday, 28 November 2016 11:23

David Siero is one of the brightest young people in the current hairdressing scene. A member of the successful saga of Siero Leal - Sile Peluqueros, David chose to move to London 6 years ago. 2016 has been an incredible year for him,,, and it's not over yet!


David received two accolades at the Figaro Awards – Best Newcomer and Best Men's Collection – he is now preparing his assault at the British Hairdressing Awards, where he is also a finalist for the Best Men's Collection of the Year. A really unusual achievement - being nominated for both the Spanish and British Hairdressing Awards in the same year  - in addition to being also nominated for the AIPP Awards:

David, how did you begin in hairdressing?

"I started helping in the family business from a very young age. I still remember how I shook the day I applied by first colour!”

For many it would have been easy to stay within the family business. How and when do you decide to seek your own path in the profession?

"My father took me to Rizos and that's where I started to really enjoy hairdressing. It was in Rizos when I realised hairdressing is more that just studying in a classroom, but a truly creative challenge. I started going in on my days off to the Rizos academy, and promised myself that I wouldn't be satisfied until I was as good as they were!”

Why London and why TONI&GUY?

"My dream has always been to be with the best and pursuing that dream. London is the city of precision cutting and of inspiration, a cosmopolitan and multicultural city. WhyTONI&GUY? There are many important brands here, but when I arrived I went to the TONI&GUY Academy to ask for an assistant job and I totally fell in love with the place.

How were your first months in London?

"I've been here for 6 years ... you can imagine that there have been good and bad moments. I remember how hard the first two years were: living alone without much knowledge of English, without knowing anyone and starting in the profession again from scratch, as an assistant ... but then I received one day a week training by the artistic directors of TONI&GUY and that motivated me very much.”

What is your current role in London?

"I continue to grow and nurture myself as a professional. I work as a teacher at the TONI&GUY Academy here in London, which has been a dream come true. I currently specialise in precision cutting, which is what I like the most, as well as in men's hairdressing."

How do you see your future living and working in London in the short, medium and long term?

"For the moment I'm very happy here, because I am evolving very much . I have no immediate plans to return to Spain for the time being. TONI&GUY is like a family ... not only in London, but around the world.”

Why did you start thinking about creating your own collections?

"If you want to progress and capture something of what you've learned, then doing photoshoots is a creative way of self-expression. It's also lot of fun!”

Tell us about your latest men's collection – the one that's creating all the interest: Figaro Awards, AIPP Awards, British Hairdressing Awards; why is it so special for you?

"The thing about being a Figaro finalist - in my home city and country – gave me a huge sense of excitement; the AIPP, because it was the first time I had been nominated and it made me very enthusiastic about my achievements; finally the British Hairdressing Awards ... .I will remember the day I received notification of my nomination for the rest of my life – what more can I say!?”.



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