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The people behind the camera

Friday, 09 March 2018 10:41
Lady Diana photographed by Danny Eastwell

The Fellowship relies on its army of dedicated photographers to capture their events and help to promote them to the wider world.

Spread across the country, this talented team of volunteers are an integral part of the Fellowship family and are responsible for chronicling some of the most memorable moments in our history. But what are the most significant shots in their lives? We asked a few of them for a little insight…

John Belfield
“As a hairdresser, I got into photography back in the early 70s, having never been happy with the photographers who did work for me. I started playing around with photography – particularly black and white imagery – and even had my own darkroom I don't remember how or when, but early on I came across Sarah Moon; a French photographer who used to be a fashion model. These images have that silent movie star feel, with a cloudy background and almost dusty texture. Sarah Moon's work always has that trademark timeless feel and it made me realise I wanted to have something in my photos which would make them identifiably me. Her technique means you can always identify her work, in the same way that when you look at a painting you can recognise the artist. I wanted my photography and hair to make that statement; so that people would look at it and say, “yes! That’s John Belfield’s work.”

Kain Lawrence
“I attended a F.A.M.E team photo shoot with Andrew O’Toole in 2014 and although I was already signed up to help the Fellowship with photography, this shoot made me more convinced than ever that I wanted to be a part of it! As a non-hairdresser, this was the only way that I could see myself being able to become involved, so I grabbed the opportunity with both hands! I was in absolute awe on this day and made it made it my ambition to be able to run our own photoshoots in the salon. I WILL take one of our stylists through to the final of the British Hairdressing Awards one day.”

Alice North
“I studied photography at art college, which is where I came across Annie Leibovitz and was inspired to do portraiture. I love doing portraiture and reportage style photography at weddings and events. It’s such a pleasure to capture people enjoying themselves and giving them a memory that they can keep forever. The photography I love the most is that which captures a moment that would otherwise be missed or forgotten. It’s not staged or set up; it’s real, instant and can only be seen again because of the click of a camera.”

  • Photo by Alice North

  • Photo by Danny Eastwell

  • Photo by John Belfield

  • Photo by Kain Lawrence


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