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Things You Should Never Ask Your Hairdresser

Monday, 08 October 2018 15:03

They walk into the salon having decided they want to leave looking just like Chiara Ferragni. Or without have any idea about what they want and still expect a miracle.

We have collected some of the most bizarre requests that clients have made to their hairdressers and some phrases that they they understand they must never make again. Based on your research we've come up with the following client categories: 

Those who believe in miracles...

They come in with black hair and want to leave a platinum blonde, while specifying: “I don't want any bleach on my hair”. Or they have a short bob, maybe with a fringe, and they declare, “I want a cut that will last me at least six months.”  They want a translucent, fiery copper, but announce:  "I go to the pool everyday and am not one to use specific care products... oh, and I don’t want to come here every month.”

... Those who have trust issues.

"But won't bleaching ruin hair?" they ask, as if you intend to leave them bald. Or: “Do you know how to make those braids that start at the top?” Or even: “You do know how to use those straightening irons, right?”.  To one of these requests, it appears that one professional answered, “Did you see the sign outside the shop? Did it say hairdresser or cobbler?”

Armed with an Image

Now more likely to be an image on Instagram than an actual photo, but the principle is the same. The photo of the latest starlet, often splendidly immortalised on the red carpet, and in the hands of a client hoping to leave the salon looking the same. Adapting the style, explaining the actual likely outcome on knackered hair, and in certain cases simply lowing expectations is not always easy. 

One disgruntled client reported: “Once I got an appointment with a hairdresser (I change them often) and brought a newspaper clipping with the image of an actress with a long bob. I sat down, showed the girl the photo and asked: 'What do you think? Answer: 'Madam, I'm a genius, not a magician."

A mother’s love

Mothers turning up their tiny tots can test patience and professionalism to its limits. These trend-conscious mummies can basically be divided into two categories. The ones that ask: "If a drastic cut was the reason my little darling's beautiful blonde curls didn’t grow back after 18 months” and those that comment: “My three-year-old still only has 4 hairs on his head: every time I bring him for a haircut I ask, but now more will grow, right?”

Precision first and foremost

And finally there are those clients that know best - the ones with really clear cut ideas. Too clear, in fact. “When I go to get my hair trimmed I always ask only 3 things 1) Don’t keep rubbing my scalp, it's annoying! 2) I don't want hairspray, mousse, wax, gel... Nothing of the sort. Hairdryer, brush, and scissors. Period. 3) I don't want to buy products. Thank you.” 

You decide, you know best

This is a rarity indeed. Even a professional stylist/colourist with years of experience and technical knowledge can't possibly know what's best for them! "I'll end up looking like one of the ugly sisters," was one comments made; folowed by: "With my skin tone you'll end up making me look like something out of the morgue." It seems the client really does know best, even when it's patently obvious to the world and his wife that... she doesn't!"





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