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Winter Advice: Beautiful, Healthy Hair in Spite of the Cold, Rain, and Hats!

Tuesday, 20 November 2018 11:30

The winter season puts both our hair and scalp to the test. And hairdressers don’t want to twiddle their thumbs waiting for even the healthiest hair quickly loses its equilibrium.

Continual changes in temperature, from home and/or office heating and wearing a hat not only shorten the life span of your blow dry, but hair can be full of static electricity, flat at the roots, not to mention loss of volume... But there are some useful and effective tips that make it possible for clients to keep hair looking good and feeling healthy, even during the coldest winter.

Everything starts with the choice of shampoo: opt for one that has hydrating and regenerating ingredients, which also work well for other seasons. Just as important is alto the regulation of the water temperature, which must not be too hot, so that hair doesn't get too oily at the roots too quickly and the tips dry out. 

Healthy scalp and hair: this is particularly true during winter. When the scalp is stressed my react by forming unsightly dandruff. To get rid of it, it may not not be sufficient to use a specific shampoo, so try applying specially-formulated serums, useful for resolving this type of problem. 

For taking care of and massaging the scalp, it is worthwhile investing in a good brush, which should have special rounded handle or natural bristles in order to stimulate blood circulation and guarantee exfoliation.  

A specific conditioner after every shampoo is a must for all hair types, while for hair that is seriously damaged it would be preferable to plan for a intensive treatment once a week to restore the balance of the hair shaft.

During the drying and styling phases don’t set the hairdryer or iron at too high a temperature (this is good year-round advice) and always use a heat protectant. It may take longer to style, but the hair will be much healthier. Many of the lastest generations of hairdryers also have an ionizing function that makes it possible to eliminate static electricity that tends to accumulate in the hair, on a hat, or scarves, etc. 

Curly hair especially suffers when the weather is damp and rainy. They become frizzy and unmanageable, making it necessary to consider an anti-frizz strategy with a nourishing oil base and products that target keeping frizz under control.   

Volume XXL: under long-term difficult weather conditions volume becomes a mirage and hair tends to get dirty quicker, so dry shampoos and/or powder volumisers are the perfect solution. Follow the usage directions on the package carefully to eliminate every residue, especially on dark hair, using the cold shot function on the blow dryer.

Finally, the choice of bed linen also seems to play an important role. For example, the choice of a silk or satin pillow case helps to protect the hair structure. Soft and delicate fabrics reduce friction and eliminate frizz, making hair look healthy, shiny and still under control upon awakening. This is a great trick, especially for those with wavy or curly hair or those who must take a long trip and want to have a longer-lasting hairstyle. There are also special pillows that guarantee sweet slumber for skin and hair... just try them out! 

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