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Doors Open on the Davines VIllage

Tuesday, 27 November 2018 10:50

Davines opens the doors on its new home. This centre of sustainable beauty is the most tangible embodiment of the brand's core values. Beauty, sustainability and well-being.

These are the values on which the Davines company's philosophy is based now transformed into even more of reality thanks to Davines Village, a place of well-being immersed in the green countryside around Parma.

Officially inaugurated in Spring 2018 (CLICK HERE FOR MORE), the house of sustainable beauty demonstrates how it is possible to do business while fully respecting the environment (CLICK HERE TO BOOK A VISIT).

Sustainable technical and constructive solutions combine with the choice of glass and wood as the predominant building materials confirm that the project's mission is to transmit not only to forge the link with nature, but also to engage with feelings of transparency and light, as well as the importance of community.

"The soul of Davines is expressed through its core values and the Davines Village is an emblem of this: a company headquarters where the concept of Sustainable Beauty comes to life tand where we can pursue that core value with increasing commitment and passion," commented Davide Bollati, President of Davines. “The architectural project places the well-being of those who work there at its centre, representing a place where ethics and beauty can coexist in harmonious balance.”


The key words of the project are energy sustainability, waste reduction, optimisation of natural resources and savings on non-renewables

Photovoltaic panels, a solar thermal system and a geothermal system: the energy needs of the complex are satisfied by 100% certified renewable sources.

Integration of interconnected communication and control systems to a Building and Energy Management System (BEMS), capable of impacting all the main sustainability protocols in order to minimise energy consumption and the use of artificial lighting.

In the production department, a sanitizing system is used for mixers with water vapour, instead of using chemicals.

Filters inside the plant guarantee a very high air quality.

In the parking area there are 10 charging stations for electric vehicles.

Thanks to a dehydration plant, the restaurant's organic waste is reused to fertilise the green spaces


An area of 77,000sqm in which you can engage and connect with the Davines brand. Created by the MTLC studio of Matteo Thun and Luca Colombo, the architectural project includes a complex of about 11,000sqm (20% of the total area), which includes offices, training areas, research and development laboratories, the production plant, the warehouse and a large central greenhouse for restaurant and a co-working space.

This large central greenhouse is the beating heart of the Davines Village: a glass structure characterised by a modern and light architecture where light is a main protagonist - an excellent deterrent to depression and sadness, as well as great provider of energy and well-being . Here there is a co-working space, a bar and a restaurant, the latter in partnership with Vicook, a catering company linked to the 3-star Da Vittorio restaurant.

Around the greenhouse, offices, training areas and laboratories are located within structures that resemble two-storey houses. Arranged at the sides of two central courtyards, they re-interpret  the concept of "home" found in the traditional dwellings of the Italian countryside, emphasising the family roots of the company and transmitting a feeling of welcome, intimacy and community.  Each work station has been designed with a view of the green space. This is due to the minimum presence of masonry components and the use of a particular type of glass that guarantees a view of the external spaces free of colour distortion. Added to this is the use of a peculiar type of cement (enriched by TX Active), which imitates the photosynthesis process, capturing pollutants and improving air quality.

"The starting point was the well-being of employees, a key factor that guided us along the planning of offices, production and warehouse,” explained Matteo Thun, Architect and Founder of the Matteo Thun & Partners Studio. “We wanted to create a functional village with a harmonious beauty that combines traditional rural architectural forms with innovative volumes, expressed around the greenhouse and the large green spaces.” 


The interiors resenble a living space, where formal and aesthetic choices are reconciled with functional needs. The dominant colour? White, with some hints of bronze.

The concept was entrusted to the interior designer Monica Signani, who also designed custom made furniture, made by Molteni & C | Dada Contract Division, paying particular attention to materials and finishes.

Galvanic bronze for the bases, top in linoleum in homage to the old desks of the 50s and edges in etched brass, but also natural woods with oil finish and back-painted glass tops: these are the materials used in the shared working areas.

Chandeliers and wall lamps of clear vintage inspiration are flanked by iconic furnishings, such as the chest of drawers and the bookcase designed by Gio Ponti and reissued by Molteni & C.

Tables of different types and sizes are flanked by a counter inspired by those of the old bistros in the bar located in the large central greenhouse. An informal space with a retro flavour, in which the details and finishes make the difference: a sandblasting for the 'gris du marais' marble with a gray-blue tone for all the covering panels and a lacquer with a craquel effect on the lava stone of the top.


Designed by the renowned landscape architecture firm Del Buono Gazerwitz, the remaining area is a succession of green spaces of different nature that interact harmoniously with architecture.

Inner courtyard south (adjacent to the reception): a lovely garden in which shrubs and herbaceous plants meet species with more sculptural forms and stem trees. The dominant colour of the blooms is white, which evokes a feeling of freshness and purity. In the centre, a pool with aquatic plants, which reflects the geometry of the surrounding buildings.

Northern Inner Courtyard: a more structured and functional relaxation area, embellished with ornamental flowerbeds, where you can take a break in the shade of the roofed trees.

Scientific Garden: an open-air laboratory of 3,000sqm, bordered by an hedge of laurels and espalier plane trees. Here medicinal plants, aromatic plants, fruit trees and vegetables for experimental, demonstrative and culinary purposes will be welcomed.

Green area around the buildings: a lawn cut to different heights that recalls the typical landscape of the surroundings.

Green Kilometre: Davines will start the planting of the first 300 metres of Green Kilometre, the initiative promoted starting from an idea by Davide Bollati, which will be completed thanks to the contribution of the neighboring companies. At the northern end, the harmful emissions of cars in transit on the nearby Autostrada del Sole will be countered by the planting of trees naturally predisposed to fight pollution.

To register and book your visit to the Davines Village in Parma, simply fill in the online form or write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  • Davines Village, Parma, Italie

  • Davines Village, Parma, Italie

  • Davines Village, Parma, Italie

  • Davines Village, Parma, Italie

  • Davines Village, Parma, Italie

  • Davines Village, Parma, Italie

  • Davines Village, Parma, Italie


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