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For Davines, Beauty Means Responsibility

Thursday, 06 December 2018 15:26

It has emerged from Davines' Sustainability Report that the brand's commitment to sustainable issues is having a positive impact on people, the environment and communities.

What is beauty? Beauty is our responsibility. This is the message that embodies Davines' Sustainable Beauty philosophy. A concrete message made up of different objectives that the company sets out every year in order to meet its goals in supporting beauty in the world, for the good of the planet.

The ultimate goal is to create an integrated system for the benefit of everyone. The creation of the Davines Village, the new headquarters in Parma, is a catalyst that shapes the values of beauty, sustainability and well-being that have always been at the heart of the group. "Davines Village can be considered the temple of our business model.,” commented Davide Bollati, President of Davines. “However, much still remains to be done, mindeful as we are that the path towards sustainable development is full of countless obstacles that are yet to be overcome.


Every year globally, 2.22 billion tons of waste are produced, and it is estimated that there are 5.25 trillion tons of plastic residues adrift in our oceans. In the next 12 months, up to 10,000 species will be declared extinct.

What is beauty? Davines answers this question trying to contribute to the preservation of the planet. In the last 10 years the company has offset 10,129 tons of CO2 by restoring green spaces in the world through re-forestation and maintenance projects. It has used 12.8 fewer tons of plastic since 2014, thanks to the re-packaging of its  Essential Haircare range. The brand also promotes biodiversity using Slow Food ingredients, helping to safeguard against the extinction of certain plant species typical of specific micro-climates. In 2017 the brand promoted the creation of a new Slow Food Presidium: 600 Italian salons helped to save the Quercetano Olive Tree from extinction, preserving itas existence for future generations

In 2016 Davines obtained B Corp certification, issued by the non-profit-making B Lab to companies that believe in the principle of networking as a valuable driving force. Business is seen as a positive force that can generate well-being for people, society and the entire planet. For Davines this certification is not a goal, but a stimulus to strive for further  improvement.


In support of the future of the planet, Davines decided to integrate into its corporate strategy some Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs, defined by the UN in its appeal to the nations for sustainable development between now and 2030. This approach involves three key players: Planet, People and Community. The results for 2017? Here are some of the goals achieved in these three areas:

- The working hours paid for company volunteering increased by 32.6%, a project inaugurated in 2017. The Davines Group employees can employ up to 4 working days a year to volunteer as they are paid as if they were in the office. In return, the company asks to match the same number of hours' work from their free time.

- 72.4% of solid waste was recycled or recovered. The next goal? Recycle or recover 95% of solid waste, also through virtuous waste-to-energy.

- 67% of the electricity used in foreign branches is from renewable sources (not 100% due to difficulties in access to this type of supply not dependent on the company) in some markets.

- 96% of turnover is generated by products with compensated CO2 packaging (the company has set itself the goal of achieving 100% of turnover).

- The recyclability of the packaging has been facilitated thanks to packaging that allows the use of the product right down to the very last drop. Furthermore  the packaging is mainly made from only one material and the packaging is easily separated out into its component parts,  so that each one falls into the correct recycling process.

Among the latest achievements in 2018, the company has received the "Best for the Environment" award from B Lab for being particularly distinguished in the protection of the environment and its resources. Precisely in this area, the new Km Verde project is being developed, born out of an idea of Charman, Davide Bollati's in partnership with the Foundation for Sustainable Development. Its mission is to create a green-belt of trees along the motorway section to protect the city of Parma from pollution of vehicles in transit. The species of trees have been specially selected and studied to offset CO2 emissions and counteract the propagation of fine dust. This green belt could be a virtuous model to be replicated in other cities, creating a synergy between public and private, companies and local institutions.

Visit the Davines Sustainability Report website for more information on its positive impact or download our Sustainability Report.

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