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Hair Dreams: What do they Mean?

Thursday, 13 December 2018 11:06

We know that our subconscious speaks to us through images. This is why the interpretation of dreams is always interesting. Estetica asked astrologist Alessio Benedetto what it means when we dream about hair. Here is what he answered.

It's not only for enthusiasts. Dreaming about hair doesn’t happen only to hairstylists who, for obvious reasons, spend more of their time thinking about it or working with it. Hair plays a very important role in our image. Through our hair we communicate personality, mood, even our expectations for the future. So it is not so strange that, if we happen to dream about hair, it’s likely that our subconscious wants to communicate something important.

To discover the hidden meaning behind hair dreams, Estetica consulted Alessio Benedetto an IT professional with a passion for astrology who manages the most frequently visited Italian astrology websites and a YouTube channel with more than 35,000 registered members. As a writer, he has published two books, one of which is dedicated to dream interpretation.

As Alessio explained, hair in a dream “refers to our way of interacting with others. Hair can represent our shyness and uncertainties in social relations, a bit like other physical aspects. Hair can also represent life energy that is increasing or decreasing. Very often, for very vain women and men, they can represent only this, or the desire to look very good.”

Are there different meanings or interpretations between men and women?

"Certainly: very often women dream about hair problems because they are very concerned about their physical appearance, because it is important for them to be well-groomed in all sectors. So there is a component of vanity but also a strong sense of vitality. When it comes to men, even they have a feminine side hidden deep down, but it can emerge after having dreamt about hair. For a man, dreaming about very thick and long hair refers to vitality, energy, a prosperous period in their career."

Let’s go into detail. How does the meaning change in more specific situations?

"For everyone there is a more specific interpretation.

• Tying hair: indicates the desire to organise something in your life in a way that better adapts to your desires.

• Letting hair down: can be connected to a yearning for freedom.

• Cutting hair: the typical gesture that symbolises the desire for renewal, change, throwing away something from the past.

• Losing hair: this is not a bad sign, but may instead reveal low physical and mental energy levels, a sense of being forced to abandon something you love. When you dream about hair falling out, it means we must understand that some things must be left behind in order to make room for something new."

When a woman cuts her hair, does it mean she wants to also change her life?

"When we decide to get a new haircut, it means we want to renew our lives. When we perceive that something new is about to arrive, we are excited about an uncertain future and we offer our hair to it (as if we were making a gift to the gods in exchange for a prosperous future). So a woman gives her hair, which is fundamental for her, so she can be prepared to meet a more exciting, less monotonous, and more desireable future."


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