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Robert Masciave won the Fellowship Image of the Year

Monday, 18 March 2019 14:50

Robert Masciave won the Fellowship Image of the Year with this striking shot, which was also part of his winning Southern Hairdresser of the Year Collection. We found out more about what went into the shot...

What was the inspiration behind this image and the collection in general?
I wanted to create my interpretation of the iconic rock ‘n’ roll hairstyles that had shaped my life and career.

Why did you decide to use multiple models in each shot?
It was important to me to illustrate that hairstyles are not defined by gender – there should be no rules when it comes to hair.

How important was it for you to challenge gender stereotypes in this collection?
Contrary to what people thought with the name ‘non-binary’, I wasn’t referring to the models but the hairstyles themselves. In my career, I have always seen hair as ‘non-binary’ and my cutting technique has always merged men’s and women’s cutting together, right from when I first started. A hairstyle is about a feeling, not a label and I felt that now was the right time to convey this message.

Could you tell us a bit about your creative process – how you go from inspiration to end look?
I tend not to look to other people’s hair work for inspiration – it’s great to watch and admire but I find that from an inspiration point it view, it can sometimes work against you. For this collection, I looked at old, iconic rock ‘n’ roll imagery – what people were wearing, not just the music stars but the ‘street style’ at the time. Then I worked out how to update this and give it a modern twist. Before I create an image, I know exactly how I want it to look, so it’s just a case of deciding on the elements such as the model, the background and the lighting that I need in order to compose the image. Each element plays an important role - some are more emotional, some are aesthetic. I knew this particular collection would touch some people emotionally, as some of these hairstyles are so evocative of certain important periods in our lives.

What sort of response has your collection had?
It’s been very positive – lots of people seem to like it. I’m very proud of it too, it’s one of my favourite commercial collections to date because it expresses exactly what I had in mind and it also captures my personal aesthetic.

How did it feel to win Fellowship Image of the Year?
I was very honoured and touched – it’s a massive achievement, especially with the amount of people entering the awards and from an organisation as respected as the Fellowship. This image in particular is close to my heart – the guy is wearing a typical Ramones look and the girl has a version of a style worn by the French singer Miray Mathieu. I grew up with that, so it feels very personal.

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