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Hairdressers on Instagram: 9 Top Tips!

Tuesday, 13 August 2019 10:03

Instagram is our social media platform of choice. For hairdressers it represents an important showcase of what we are all about - from the inspirational to the business-centric. Here are Estetica's suggestions on how you can use Instagram to full capacity!

A presence on social media is as easy and fun as it sounds. Many professionals are realising that defining their online profile  in a way that is coherent, representative and current is now a necessity rather than a mere option. This particularly applies  to Instagram, due to the significant impact that it's now having on the  hairdressing industry. Here are our 9 top tips on how to make the best use of it.


1. Before and after

When a customer is about to apply a new colour or have a transformative cut, it is an opportunity to take pictures to post. Obviously only after having asked for the consent of the person concerned. It is a winning post because it demonstrates the ability to do the job, involves customers in the salon and shares content with the virtual community.

2. Instagrammable styling

When you happen to create a particularly skilful finished look, like bridal hairstyle, an elaborate braid or an avant-garde cut, it is the right time to take a picture with your mobile phone and post it. This is a good way to communicate the updated trend as well as being a demonstration of your special skills 

3. Be fun and creative 

Being a hairstylist means being creative. Being hairstylist on IG means being creative, but also having fun! Don't just post content related to your work, alternate with some images of your daily life: an amusing detail, a special place for you, that says something about the person you really are.


4. Publish regularly

It is important to publish in a constant, consistent manner. Define a strategy about what and when you're posting: the style of the photos, the style of the contents, the frequency. Once this plan is defined, follow it rigorously - you'll find this really works in helping to boost your number of followers.

5. Engage with your followers

To make your IG profile a point of reference, it's not enough to post good content. It is necessary to support your page with some good online participation. So... respond to comments, provide the information they ask you for , prove that Instagram can also be a channel to reach you and get to know you better.

6. Tag others

Tagging other people when posting expands viewing potential, because your post will also be reported on the profile of any friends you may tag. This is a way to give and receive more visibility to those who get involved in what you're posting; it's also a way to thank them for their support and loyalty. 


7. Use both specific and general hashtags

The general hashtags allow you to reach many people, but this can be counter-productive, as your post is most likely to get lost among millions of others. Therefore, it is good to also include more specific hashtags, which are likely to reach a more targeted audience.

8. Take advantage of trending hashtags

Instagram doesn't have a list of trendy hashtags like Twitter, but it's pretty sure that if something is trendy on Twitter, it is also going to be on other social channels. So when you find out that certain useful hashtags are trending, try to publish relevant content and enter that hashtag.

9. Use product hashtags  

Most product companies now have their own Instagram profiles, so using the product hashtags can be another good way to get visibility. For example, if you stock a particular product line, inserting a few posts with product photos every now and then (and the relative hashtag) becomes an excellent way to increase visibility and well as to strengthen your relationship with the company that supplies you with the products.


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