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En Route for Sustainability!

Wednesday, 30 October 2019 10:13

Melenie Tudor, owner of En Route Hair & Beauty in Walton has launched an offensive against single-use plastic waste generated by sales of shampoo and conditioner bottles in her salon.

Melanie has introduced a refill station to invite customers to reuse, recycle, and refill their empty product containers so that as many plastic items can be averted from landfill as possible. 

In a recent survey of over 100 En Route Hair & Beauty customers, 75% indicated that they would be very likely to bring their bottles back for refill. This is translating into action, and Melenie has already seen 25 customers use the new refill station to give fresh life to 48 shampoo bottles and 30 conditioner bottles.

Further raising awareness of each person’s responsibility towards the planet, Melenie also launched a ‘Sustainability Promise’ where staff and clients have been invited to commit to adopting one new environmentally friendly act a day that they didn’t do before. So far, around 60 people have lent their support to the idea by pledging to implement a new choice and marking this commitment by putting a green fingerprint against their name. “It’s a great visual reminder that if we all make small choices, then together they all add up to make a difference,” Melenie says. “I never set out with an ‘I know it all stance’, but rather a ‘let’s do something about this’ invitation.”

Melenie, who is a seven times North West Hairdresser of the Year finalist, found her green passion after visiting an Orangutan sanctuary in Borneo for her birthday. There she cared for orangutans who had been displaced by large areas of rain forest destroyed by palm oil plantations. Since that life-changing trip, Melenie has been set on making these and many more noticeable changes in her business. 

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