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Easy to Apply and Effective So Far: Swiss Salons' 16 Rules for Re-Opening

Monday, 11 May 2020 09:18

With 16 clear rules that are simple to understand and easy to share with customers, Swiss salons reopened on Monday 27 April – the first 10 days have proven very successful.

Behind the rapid approval of Coronavirus protection measures in Switzerland, there is a very cohesive, efficient, influential association. It's called Coiffure Suisse and represents over 4,000 Swiss hairdressers-entrepreneurs. As soon as the decision was made, Chairman, Damien Ojetti, expressed "confidence that everything will go through quickly thanks to my colleagues, to the organisation itself and the work it has done in association with salon owners and to respect that clients have shown for the industry.”

In fact, everything has gone well in Switzerland so far. In these first ten days, everything has gone according to plan – good news endorsed by salons such as Coppola and Carlo Bay, which have branches in Switzerland.

16 basic protection measures have been put in place – some are just common sense, while others are more specific, like holding conversions via the mirror rather than face-to-face. All depend on a deep relationship of trust and respect between client and professional.

The 16 Swiss Protection Measures

1 . Both hair professional and client must wear masks throughout the appointment.

2 . Workstation to be disinfected after every client.

3 . Hair tools to be disinfected after every client.

4 . A distance of 2 metres to be maintained between stylist/client and other people in the salon.

5 . High touch-points such as door handles to be disinfected regularly.

6 . Plexiglass visor and mask to be worn by beauty professional throughout any facial treatments.

7 . Avoid contact with client’s face.

8 . Stress to clients that they must cancel their appointment if the manifest any symptoms of illness.

9 . Single-use apron to be worn which working and then discarded after each client.

10. Card payment whenever possible.

11. Wash the hands thoroughly and often.

12. Do not shake hands.

13. Speak to clients via the mirror rather than face-to-face.

14. Use gloves if requested by the client.

15. Sneeze or cough into a tissue or into the crease of the elbow. 

16. The decision on which clients can come to the salon rests with the hair professional. 

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