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As EuroSalons Reopen… the 4 Most Sought-After Services Emerge

Tuesday, 19 May 2020 14:03

The sense of joy is almost overwhelming! Hair salons across Europe are reopening and there is an unbelievable clamour for appointments. But what remedies are most in demand from that enthusiastic clientele?

Germany has been at the vanguard of salon reopenings in Europe. While some smaller countries like Switzerland might have beaten them to it, Germany was the first major country in the EU to allow salon owners to throw open their doors and welcome clients back inside. The results of a recent survey* show which services the Germans are requesting from their trusted hairdresser:

1. Cut  2. Colour  3. DIY Repair.  4. Hair Makeover

1. Cut   

What was once a short, sharp pixie-cut or a snazzy, chic 1920s-style bob, is now a shapeless blob, with roots that have grown out and fluffy ends with a life of their own. It’s inevitable and understandable, therefore, that cut and colour are top of the list. According to the survey, 60% of men and 64% of women in Germany wanted their hair cut more than any other service.

2. Colour

55% of women also said they wanted to be able to have their colour restored to its former glory at the same time. The idea that men do not dye their hair is an outdated cliché,  confirmed by the fact that almost a quarter of men wanted a colour refresh. 

3. DIY Repair 

Professional colour, particularly at the most vibrant end of the spectrum, was on an absolute roll at the beginning of 2020; this combined with the SS20 trend for short, technical styles means that 8 or so weeks on, many women are now in a state of complete flux. Consequently, it also goes without saying that during the period of the pandemic, many of them have tried their hand at a DIY fix, which comes in at no. 3 in our list. And it’s not just colour.  those who attempted to do-it-themselves with scissors and clippers during the lockdown who were queuing up for a professional solution to their failed haircuts. It seems that it’s men in particular who have been particularly “creative” over the past few weeks. Almost 20% of men reported that their first visit to the salon for a haircut would be, above all, an exercise in damage limitation! But it’s not only men – an astounding 13% of women also sought the support of their hairdresser to find a solution to the "experiments" done at home. 

4. Hair Makeover 

Finally, the desire for a complete change also remains prevalent, perhaps more so than ever before, as 16% of those participating in the survey listed a complete hair makeover as their number one priority. It’s not surprising when you think about it – for many people, a new normal must herald a new beginning, in more ways than one.

*Over 1,000 people aged between 14 and 69 were interviewed with an online questionnaire. Research commissioned by Industrieverbandes Körperpflege- und Waschmittel (IKW), the German industrial association of cosmetics, toiletry, perfumery and detergents and carried out by the research company Lönneker & Imdahl Rheingold Salon.



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