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Team of the Month: Colour Club by Wella Professionals

Wednesday, 01 April 2015 12:16

Wella Professionals' Colour Club is a team of some of the UK's most talented and inspired colourists. Their role is to provide a creative link of knowledge and expertise between the manufacturer and the professional.


We spoke to Colour Club team member, Daniel Spiller from Marc Antoni about his passion for colour and why he feels that being a proactive member of Colour Club is such an important role: 


What makes you and the Colour Club team so passionate about colour?

It’s always evolving with new techniques and products. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing how colour can change - not only how a client looks, but how they feel too.


How do Wella Professionals extensive colour options help to fuel that passion?

By consistently developing new products and techniques. It's vital to ensure we can offer our clients looks, shades and techniques that they can’t get anywhere else. When Wella launch new ranges such as Instamatic by Color Touch, or Blondor Freelights the results are amazing. 


As a colour expert, why is Wella Professionals your colour brand of choice?

It's simple - it's the best. I wouldn’t use anything else. The results speak for themselves and I would never compromise on performance at any time, whether it be for a collection, a shoot or, of course, when working on one of my clients. 


What is your favourite Wella Professionals colour range and why?  

That’s a difficult question because I have different favourites depending on the situation in which I'm working. If I was pushed to choose just one,  then I’d say ILLUMINA. Over 80% of my clients have ILLUMINA and they instantly fall in love with it after the very first try. It delivers unimaginable shine while still adding tone to the hair –in other words, it's a colourist's dream. 


Tell us about Colour Club's role of creating a link between brand and professional.

The Wella Professionals Colour Club has enabled me to try brand new products and shades that haven’t even reached the salon yet. We work together to provide feedback so that the products that are eventually used on the salon floor are perfect for the UK customer. Everyone in the Wella Professionals Colour Club works in a salon, but they also crave inspiration and creativity. Consequently, we work together to produce collections, shots and training guides, as well as touring the country to help other colourists achieve their dream results. 


How do you go about providing feedback on a new colour service?

We have regular meetings during the year when we spend a day working with the new products, but a great deal of time the emphasis is placed on feedback. This could involve anything from product development, through to the elements that they are producing in order to help the colourist in salon.


Why do you feel it's important for brand research and development to engage with the colour professional?

At the end of the day we are the ones who work to serve the end client. You can develop a new product but unless the client is going to like it in salon then there's little point. Wella Professionals have always valued the opinion of stylists and colourists -  as a team we consistently see how they have taken on-board our feedback and listened to our recommendations.


How do you see the colour market evolving over the next 12 months, are the any specific new developments in colour innovation that you'd like to see happen?   

I could spend all day saying what I’d like to see in the future because as a colourist I always want something new! For the next year, I’d like to see Wella Professionals continue to answer to client demand by researching and developing new products and services to ensure that we can always offer something that our competitors can't.

  • Team of the Month: Colour Club by Wella Professionals


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