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Spirit Hair Talent Spotting

Tuesday, 08 September 2015 09:39

Miss World was the exciting theme when the teams from Spirit Hair Company gathered at their Oxfordshire-based salon to compete in their annual inter-salon competition on Sunday, September 6th

Hosted by salon owners Lauren Turner and Mikaela Martin, along with guest Alastair J Gourley from Pickle PR, the judging panel employed their skills to find the overall winners of both the junior and senior shows.

Challenged with this year’s theme, each participant had to prep and present their model while also providing a spoken presentation of their journey from interpretation to backstory, including translating their mood board to model.

With looks drawn from the roots of the Miss World competition to present day, and styling embracing texture, structure, modern and historic styling, the winners were eventually presented as:

Junior Competition:

Winner: Becca Twitchen (High Wycombe)

Runner- up: Olivia Cummings (High Wycombe)

Senior Competition:

Joint Winners:  Georgia Bonner (Wallingford) & Kelly Murry (High Wycombe)

Creative Director Lauren Turner commented: “Every year the team begin preparation on their concepts with great interest, researching and documenting their model journey.  This year all judges agreed that the teams’ presentations were both informative, artistic and very close to call.”


  • Spirit Hair Company's Annual Talent Spotting

  • Spirit Hair Company's Annual Talent Spotting

  • Spirit Hair Company's Annual Talent Spotting


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