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Seasonal Cuts for Autumn 2017: Here's Our Top Ten Most Trendy!

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 14:20

We loved them so much throughout the summer months, so it's almost inevitable that they're still trending as strongly as ever, now that autumn sets in. Here is a selection of our top 10 hair cuts that are still riding high on their success under the sun!

The change of season is one of the best times to think about having an overall re-style – and hair is high on the list of possibilities.  A spark of autumnal energy can be the inspiration to carry forward those adored cut, colour and styling  choices into the new season and beyond.

Ten hair cuts for Autumn 2017 that tick all the boxes!

1. Elegant Shoulder-Length 

Sitting just on the base of the neck, an elegant mid-length option that leaves enough length to play with variations in texture and styling.

2. Long-Haired Super Glam 

A simple but effective cut that emphasises the natural beauty and shine of the hair. With a pleasantly retro feel, its a look which exalts the true meaning of femininity.

3. Round-Ended Bob 

This cut has three strengths in particular: the eye-catching fringe for a note of intrigue; impeccable, super-smooth; classic bob styling. A refined cut rich in personality.

4. Pixie Girl   

Cara Delevingne flew the flag for this one.  An arousal of pure femininity without compromising on charm and personality. Just add a fashioned, carefully finished fringe and it's job done! 

5. First Step the Fringe  

Those who are passionate about keeping their length often need a prod in the right direction before they agree on any significant style update. Bringing in a fringe can be the first step towards making that change. It holds the secret formula to re-creating that seductive mood iof the Seventies.

6. Wavy Lob

How to love a contemporary lob? Add some weight to the side in a flurry of seemingly random waves. They're are a delightful feature when peeping out from under a wooly winter hat!  

7. Moulded Curls 

Curls in free-fall but not entirely without a care in the world! All the texture of a well-shaped curl enhanced by a perfectly executed fringe. 

8. Chin Geometry 

Geometry is a true hair protagonist, taken to a new level by the beauty of platinum blonde.   The cut is smooth, the lengths are uniform and the face is framed to perfection. A winning mix.

9. Futuristic Bob 

Here is the solution to creating a beautiful easy-to-manage bob with a futuristic feel: : work the contours at the front into a contrasting finish and cut the lengths shorter at the back. A really dynamic effect is practically guaranteed!

10.  Multi-Length Layers 

Lengths are left looking naturally stylish, thanks to multi-layers; the bed head effect is perfect for simple daytime styling, but can boil over into pure seduction as those longer evenings draw in! 

  • 1. Elegant Shoulder-Length - Art Director: Fabien Provost / Hair: Fabien Provost & Alexandrine Piel for Franck Provost / Colour: Denis Fischer / Photo: Adel Awad / Make-up: Charlotte Willer / Styling: Chloé Dugast

  • 2. Long-Haired Super Glam - Hair: Keller the school / Photo: Vlado Golub / Make-up: Tinka Luptkova

  • 3. Round-Ended Bob - Hair & Products: Wella

  • 4. Pixie Girl - Hair and Photo: KERTU

  • 5. First Step the Fringe - Hair: Radoslaw Galinski / Photo: Weronika Kosinska / Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska / Styling: Joanna Wolff

  • 6. Wavy Lob - Hair & Make-up: Staff THEO / Photo: Mario Caponi

  • 7. Moulded Curls - Hair & Products: L'Oréal Professionnel

  • 8. Chin Geometry - Hair: Laurent Voisinet / Photo: Alain Coutherut & Valérie Schwarz / Make-up: Andrée-Line Dumont

  • 9. Futuristic Bob - Art Direction: wi.iu' upset® / Hair: Avant art / Photo: Gennaro Navarra / Make-up: Alessandra Riccio

  • 10. Multi-Length Layers - Hair&Products: Cotril


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