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London Fashion Week Men’s AW18: Immerse

Tuesday, 09 January 2018 10:33

Immerse, drench, saturate, soak. These were the words used to describe the feeling of Christopher Raeburn’s latest collection, which drew inspiration from the beauty and fragility of our oceans.

A deep dive into the big blue, the collection stands as a creative call to arms and focuses on responsible design and sourcing to protect both the planet and the wearer. Hair resembled that of a scuba diver just out of water, with functional ponytails having seen better days; baby hair and fly-aways straggled over the models’ faces. 



Christopher Raeburn



Tina Outen for Fudge Professional 



1. Apply Fudge Professional Curve Recovery to hands and then coat the hair to encourage natural texture. Rough dry hair  

2. Apply Fudge Professional Hair Gum, combing backwards for a super slick, wet-look. 

3. Secure longer styles in ‘normcore’ ponytails at nape of neck 

4. Tease out baby hair and hairline layers. Twist with fingers using Fudge Professional Gloss and arrange across face for a ‘dredged not dressy’ look 

5. Finish by spraying all over with Fudge Professional Hed Shine for a completely drenched appearance. 



Curve Recovery £14.95 Hair Gum £12.45 Gloss £13.45 Hed Shine £11.45 


Photography Credits: Jason Lloyd Evans 

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