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Unicorn Hair: the trend of colourful coifs

Tuesday, 06 February 2018 13:37

How to get this fairy-tale look, super-coloured and shiny, trending now. From Instagram and Pinterest comes the hair trend that youngsters all crave: Unicorn Hair.

An extravagant and original look that is super-colourful, mixing all the colours of the rainbow. It may be best suited for spring, but also for other occasions like Halloween or Carnival.

Unicorn Hair is multi-coloured hair with a holographic effect inspired by, as the name itself says, the mythological and enchanted figure of the unicorn. The main is shaded with pastel colours that range from pink to blue, from sea green to violet, and even silver. The peculiarity of Unicorn Hair is its uniqueness, as not two are ever alike: the intensity of the hues and the combinations of colours vary from person to person, from hair to hair.

Long, flowing hair is perfect for this trend, to the point of resulting luminous and natural, with  highlights and lowlights that further exalt the style.

How to get Unicorn Hair
To create Unicorn Hair it is necessary to treat light hair or decolour/lighten the base, in that the next step will be to colour the strands with different pastel colours.

The colours are applied using a special technique calls Fluid Hair Painting (created by the American KL Christoffersen). The head must be in a reclining position and the hair must be resting on a horizontal surface, arranged radially, so as to be able to work separately in in detail on the tips of every strand. In fact, the colour is not applied to the roots, otherwise it would be difficult to obtain the fairy-tale effect. For Unicorn Hair, the favourite colours are candy pink, mint green, sky blue, with lilac and peach highlights.

After the colour has been allowed to develop then rinse and dry. The final result will be a multi-coloured mane that evokes the magic typical of the unicorn’s surroundings.

In the gallery, you can find Unicorn Hair to inspire you.

  • Unicorn Hair - @bluephoenixhairdesign

  • Unicorn Hair - @beserk

  • Unicorn Hair - @danimikolaizik_donfranco

  • Unicorn Hair - @foxycut

  • Unicorn Hair - @hair_and_lashes_heatherreetz

  • Unicorn Hair - @heatherchapmanhair

  • Unicorn Hair - @jelenawinters

  • Unicorn Hair - @jucremonez

  • Unicorn Hair - @lamiecramer

  • Unicorn Hair - @shearhands



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