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Get The Look: Christian Siriano's Regally Romantic Style for AW18

Sunday, 18 February 2018 12:03

Celebrating his first ten years in business, Christian Siriano's Fall 2018 Collection conveys the glamour and excitement of an ultimate royal dinner party. Anthony Cole, Sebastian Professional International Artist, crafted the whimsical hairstyles for Siriano's NYFW show – learn HOW TO!

Christian Siriano presented a regal and elegant collection, filled with luxe fabrics and romantic silhouettes, inspired by late 18th century British Art that hangs in the Queen's Gallery in London.

Anthony Cole was inspired by Christian Siriano's vision of 18th century British Art and created a look with embellishments that takes this 18th century feel and modernizes it. To achieve that, Anthony created a look with a part down the center and a slight flat wave to "emulate finger waves with an up-to-date feel".

Click here to watch the video!


1. With a round brush, blow-dry hair straight with Sebastian Professional Thickefy Foam for grip and added thickness. Once dry use Sebastian Professional Dry Clean Only and brush well.

2. Separate hair above recession line into clips and out of the way.

3. Taking 2 inch sections below the recession line from each side, create a V at the back of the head and secure into a ponytail.

4. Using a flat iron, pleat the pony tail by flat ironing in an "S" shape and spray with Sebastian Professional Shaper for lift and hold.

5. With a middle part, brush the top section with Sebastian Professional Zero Gravity for light control and texture, then fasten at the back of the head with three barrettes.

6. Using a flat iron, pleat remaining hair in an "S" shape and spray with Sebastian Professional Shaper for lift and hold.

7. Finish with Sebastian Professional Shine Shaker for shiny, luminous finish.

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