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Essential Looks: Reinventing Hair Collection SS2018

Monday, 16 April 2018 14:40

Right now, change is everywhere. In the way we consume information, in the dialogue between art, lifestyle, technology and culture, and in the way the trends of tomorrow are defining the zeitgeist of today.

The Essential Looks by Schwarzkopf Professional – REinventing Hair Collection for Spring/Summer 2018 includes 4 trends:

RANDOM REBEL celebrates the cultural outsider and the cult of the maverick. BEYOND BORDERS embraces a new generation of multi-culture. REAL ME embodies authentic – in shades of natural. Along with these three trends, Schwarzkopf Professional is launching its brand new color story, IGORA® #RoyalTakeOver. They’ve handed over IGORA ROYAL® to the world’s top digital influencers and teamed them up with global leading colourists – to play, experiment, dream, and REinspire.

Fashion Direction
Underground club culture has come up for air in an eclectic statement for every day. High impact, intense color teams-up with bold prints, bright metallics and heaps of decorative details, while textures are taken to extremes.
Colour Direction
With IGORA® ColorWorx®, we’ve created a whole new reality in colour. Super bright and turbo accents make power shades for our new age of color intensity.
Styling Direction
Ideal for shorter styles, this trend showcases extreme textures, broken-up fringes and feathered finishes, perfect for creating the illusion of movement on bold color accents.

Fashion Direction
Effortless style makes an understatement in muted tones, brushed golds, minimalist packaging, soft touches and shades of natural. 
Colour Direction
Channel natural cool in hues of nude – sleek, shimmery, pure, clean shades of naked tone with every natural look. Keep it sleek or turn the volume up or down to suit your mood.
Styling Direction
Going natural takes work and 'no make-up' isn’t just get up and go – it’s a proper look. Free-flowing hair with subtle movement matches the authentic – ‘this is me’ – mood with ease.

Fashion Direction
Planet fashion has only just gone crazy for mega-curls. The ‘big hair, don’t care’ trend has been gathering momentum on the sidewalk, in bars, nightclubs, festivals and on social media for years now.
Colour Direction
Popping, painterly paints, crazy jade and carmine earrings, cool gold with bright tassels – even tartan gets an invite to the tropical party.
Styling Direction
Everyone with curly hair is rocking it large. Everyone with straight hair wants a piece of the wavy action. The new curl is natural, loud and proud.

THE POWER OF CO-LABSTop designers started the trend with sell-out collections at high street retail stores, while pop stars and major sports brands were a match made in cool heaven. On planet hairdressing, color trends are increasingly being influenced by stars of social media.

So, to celebrate over 60 years of color, Schwarzkopf Professional is handing over its IGORA ROYAL® portfolio to the world’s top digital influencers teamed up with global leading colourists – to co-create and REinvent red and nude shades.

Lesley Jennison and Jean Phillipe Santos celebrate their vision of reds with #DustedRouge. Matt Clements and Jorge Cáncer give their take on #DisheveledNudes...




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