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Metallic Hair: As Cool as it Comes

Wednesday, 26 June 2019 10:15
Instagram: (l): aleksander_makscrew; (r): 1conceptyourbeautymasters

Steely shades overlapping on a base colour creating varying metallic reflections, each with its own personality. Let's have a closer look at this big summer 2019 trend.


  • This wavy long bob is the perfect base for “rainbow” metal-colored hair: on the top the typical gray of steel dominates the whole, the lengths are in full contrast with shades ranging from peach pink to spiky blonde, canary yellow to be precise.

  • The pixie cut enhances the metal-colored hair, here in their basic version that shows all the shades of grey, in a triumph of

  • These blue-based streaks have a mermaid quality. in this case the metallic- coloured hair is a mix of blue / violet on which pink and caramel streaks overlap imperceptibly.

  • Two birds with one stone! The metallic hair is enhanced by one of the trends of this season, the

  • Another winning combination, the glorious bob and matallic hair. In this hair look, industrial gray overlaps with violet berries, for an effect of fire beneath the ashes.

  • The classic shades of metallic hair: chromed steel (but not too shiny). The long cut with curls provides contrast, but without too much chromatic shock. We think the

  • Metallic hair goes very well even with more delicate shades like this super-trendy buttery blonde. The luminosity is achieved by two palettes working in perfect harmony: cold metallic mixes and the lightest of icy blondes.


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