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The 11 Most Iconic Hair Looks of All Time

Tuesday, 24 September 2019 14:38

What are the hairstyles that we all remember the most? EsteticaNetwork has selected 11 which, for their own reason, can be defined at the most beautiful and memorable. They all have one characteristic in common - they helped make history!

1.Audrey's Up-Do in Breakfast at Tiffany's

She is an icon of undisputed elegance and the film enjoys cult status to this day. The mix can only be explosive. Audrey Hepburn's up-do  combined with that famous little black dress represents the epitome of pure chic.

2.Elvis' Quiff

The King. Elvis Presley is the icon par excellence both for his music and his image. Short combed-back hair, shiny with brilliantine, and a rebel quiff that helped define the young men of the post-war generation.

3.Twiggy's Short Crop

The forerunner of the pixie cut, with all the edginess of Swinging London in the 60s. The Twiggy short-cut is one of the most beautiful hairstyles of all time, as well as a defining symbol of female emancipation and freedom of thought and expression. 

4. Brigette's Bouffant

The BB bouffant is one of the most iconic 60s hairstyles ever; the full-bodied yet free-spirited texture created a combination that only she knew how to wear with such ease.

5. Jean's Androgyny

In the 1960 French crime classic 'Breathless'  Jean Seberg make a mark on history by giving femininity a whole new dimension with that very short boyish cut with which she will always be associated.

6. Ziggy's Mullet

Back in the limelight today, the mullet is actually one of the most evocative Seventies cuts. Ziggy Stardust, aka David Bowie took full ownership of it long before its later revival. 

7. Meg's Frisé in When Harry Met Sally

The 1980 represented a very intense period in hair, with some looks that aren't always too pleasant to remember! The frisé is undoubtedly one of the coiffure signatures of those years, with Meg Ryan's mid-length version in When Harry Met Sally standing out as one of the most noteworthy interpretations.

8. Jen's Mid-Length in Friends

Friends was one of the most iconic phenomena of the 1990s, including the looks of its main stars The artfully cut styling and finish sported by Jennifer Aniston's character, Rachel, has become a representative standard of the hair fashion of the decade.

9. Gwyneth's Lob in The Tenenbaums

Super smooth, perfectly regular, this delightfully 90ss lob by Gwyneth Paltrow in the Wes Anderson film, vies for position with the equally iconic short-cut  that she wears in Sliding Doors.

10. Brad's Tousled Look in Thelma & Louise

Bright, blonde, full-bodied and with contrasting lengths. One of the most representative men's hair looks of the nineties was this sexy interpretation that Brad Pitt wears to perfection in the film Thelma and Louise.

11. Daenerys' Plaits

Weaves have proven to be a major trend of the 2000s. Daenerys Targaryen's intricate styling in The Game of Thrones shows technical skill, historical interpretation, but also a perfect synergy with one of the contemporary hair trend that is so popular today.

  • Audrey's Up-Do in Breakfast at Tiffany's

  • Elvis' Quiff

  • Twiggy's Short Crop

  • Brigette's Bouffant

  • Jean's Androgyny

  • Ziggy's Mullet

  • Meg's Frisé in When Harry Met Sally

  • Jen's Mid-Length in Friends

  • Gwyneth's Lob in The Tenenbaums

  • Brad's Tousled Look in Thelma & Louise

  • Daenerys' Plaits


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