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Love Blonde? Illuminage is the Colour Technique of the Summer!

Monday, 15 June 2020 11:12

If you like Balayage, then you’ll love Illuminage: Delicate and seamless transitions of dark to light, resulting in a natural finish.

What client doesn’t want a luminous colour that also has a natural allure that contrasts harmoniously with the base shade? Hair is no longer (de)coloured, but “Illuminated”: slightly toned down at the crown and delicately framing the face, while on the tips and lengths there is a harmonious contrast of shades. This creates a multi-tonal effect, with soft and sophisticated results that make Illuminage perfect for clients who crave an ultra-natural and customised look.

Tim Woesmann, hairstylist at  Salon Shan Rahimkan in Berlino, is an enthusiastic fan of Balayage. To create this look he worked for about 3.5 hours to obtain luminous results with subtle variations, based on this summer’s colour technique trend: Illuminage. For him, this new technique means a further evolution of Balayage. When he uses Illuminage, it is possible to work according to precise steps relative to the lightened section: ideal for those hairdressers who, for example, are not yet expert in techniques requiring dark-light balance. Now hairdressers can play with colours and depth

Tim’s approach creates results that are as natural as possible by obtaining an alluring sun-kissed effect. This enables the hair to grow out uniformly, thereby making it possible for the client to enjoy the new look for longer. The secret is to use lighter nuances on the lengths and tips. For the rest, the less colour used, the more natural the results will be. A key tip is that the cleaner you work, the better the result will be. First of all, you need to have a clear idea of what your final objective will be and then carefully follow the guidelines. This is the only way you will get the result you and your client desires. 

In terms of establishing the right price-point, remember that a good Balayage is always in a higher price bracket – and creating such a natural look takes even longer; that’s very important to bear in mind. Tim also recommends a touch-up ever six weeks and a new Illuminage every three months.

To find out everything you need to know about Wella Illuminage CLICK HERE  

 Photos: Tom Westerholt



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