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The Glow Up Collection: #reopenwithWELLA

Friday, 26 June 2020 09:43

To hero Wella Professionals’ Come Back Colour Menu Services, the UK’s top professional colour brand presents one simple technique to service 3 different types of client needs, created in association with James Earnshaw, Wella Professionals Craft Expert.

“The Glow Up is a simple & easy face framing technique that can be adapted to any hair length & texture, the technique works on any depth of hair and is very much hair that clients are wanting right now,” explains James. “Choose from one of 3 services: Express, Instant and Luxe Glow Up (see 'before' and 'after' images + demo below) using a range of Wella Professionals colour products, such as Blondorplex, to make your salon life quicker and easier, enabling you to cater your clients time, frame, and budget.”



Blondor Mèches Cream + Welloxon Perfect 1.9% 

Illumina Color  20ml 10/93 5ml 9/59 + 50ml Welloxon Perfect Pastel 1.9%


Magma 30ml /39+ + 3ml /75 +  49.5ml Welloxon Perfect 9% 


20g BLONDORPLEX (NEW)  + 30ml Welloxon Perfect 6%

Toned with Color Touch 15ml 9/97 + 15ml 7/75 +  60ml Color Touch Emulsion 1.9%

Comeback Colour Menu & Profit Calculator

The Glow Up Collection is part of the new comeback colour menu of express colour services developed by Wella Professionals to give salons a quick solution for clients looking to refresh their colour after lockdown. This new comeback menu comes with a profit calculator to help you maximise profitability over those first crucial weeks and months after reopening doors. Some important considerations:

Charge correctly for longer services

Clients are likely to have longer regrowth when they return to the salon, so price accordingly to reflect the longer application time and product consumption.

Offer Colour Correction Services

Some clients will have coloured their hair at home, which may require correction services when they return to the salon. Ensure this service is included in your colour menu.

Maximise Time and Profit

The number of clients you can service at any one time may be limited due to social distancing. Prioritise offering the most profitable services to maximise time available. Utilise the Wella Profit Calculator (see links below) to understand the profitability of each service you offer.

To access the Comeback Salon Menu and Profit Calculator:

CLICK HERE if you are a Wella Professionals Salon

CLICK HERE (£s) or CLICK HERE (Euros) if you’re an Independent Salon or a Freelancer


  • The Instant Glow UP

  • The Express Glow UP

  • The Luxe Glow Up

  • (left) James Earnshaw, Wella Professionals Craft Expert ; (right): Wella product selection for creating Glow Ups



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