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Get the Look: The Hitchcock Blonde by HOB Academy

Monday, 31 August 2020 14:45

Jake Unger and Warren Boodaghian from HOB Academy have created their own interpretation of the Hollywood Blonde, as the inspiration of Alfred Hitchcock’s ultimate screen sirens influence this modern Pixie Style.


1 Begin by separating the back and front with a section from the apex of the head to behind the ear. Now, section the fringe using a zig-zag pattern.

2 Start by taking a profile section on top of the head and use a round cutting line to establish the length.

3 Cut the box section horizontally using the profile section as your guide. Once the box section has been cut and cross checked, use this as your guide to cut both top sides as before. The over direction backwards on the last two sections will maintain more length at the front.

4 Utilise the length from the top to cut the sides and back, using a round cutting line with no over direction to create a round shape on the horizontal plane.

5 Cut the fringe using a disconnected parallel layer softer than the rest of the top to create an area mixing softer with longer lengths to create movement and texture.

6 Apply a texturising spray, and start drying the hair using hands, then a flat brush when hair is almost dry to add shine and natural movement.

7 Visually texturise the hair with thinning scissors to loosen the shape and create a fur-like effect on the ends of the hair.


Pre-lightener: Wella Professionals Blondor Cream + 6% mixed 1-1.5 ratio

Formula: Colour Touch Mink Blonde 20g 10/6 + 5g 7/89 + 1g 5/5 + 4% mixed 1-1.5 ratio

1 Apply pre-lightener to achieve a pale yellow canvas.

2 Take a profile parting from centre forehead to nape, then from the highest point of the head to the ear on either side, giving a total of four sections.

3 Starting at the nape, take 1-2cm alternate horizontal slices and apply formula 1 to the roots to ends.

4 Continue working in the same way until both sections are complete.

5 Within the remaining two sections, within one section take horizontal slices up towards the profile and repeat technique. Then repeat on the final section. Develop visually for up to 20 minutes, rinse and remove


Instagram: @hob_academy


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