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New Romantic

06 July 2016

Moods that simulate the simulate the currently trending brushed-back quiffs of the 50s, but with a very 80s “New Romantic” feel. Traditionally men's styles that have evolved to explore new territories in femininity.

 Braids are loved by women of all ages, as they offer endless possibilities to create and recreate. Instagram seems to think so, too! Here is just a selection of 15 braids to fall in love with. Which is your favourite?

 label.m Professional Haircare presents Aurora Richards - the winner of its first-ever global style-sharing competition –  

From the trendsetting fashion shows for Summer 2016. Plenty of color on the runways. The rainbow trend is here! Green and violet, blue and red, turquoise, fuchsia and orange. The rainbow effect has taken over the runways that dictate fashion trends for Summer 2016...


03 June 2016

The elegance of the hair-up is boundless.This selection of images draws from different hair fashion collections by international stylists who have proven they can weave pure glamour into every strand! 

Hair-Up Heaven!

25 May 2016


When texture meets messy chic! “Unfinished” styling – tall, precipitous, lofty – however you wish to describe it – it's up, up and away for special occasions and happy life-moments.

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