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Beauties of Olympics

Tuesday, 24 July 2012 09:40

In the world of Olympics is not just about breaking the record, it is also an event to celebrate their beauties in a combination and perfection of physical power and human body form.

Some athletes are more outstanding than the others, especially the women in track and field, where their powerful physique does not compromise their natural femininity. Estetica proposes a journey through the last thirty years of women’s track and field, from sprinters, jumpers, to marathoners past and present; remembering all those magical moments they have created on the field.


Sara Simeoni   

The prima donna of tract and field to be remembered. The Italian born athletes is an Olympic champion and winner of the gold medal at the XXII Olympics in Mosca in 1980, and she held the world record at 2.01 metres, becoming the first woman to break the 2-metre barrier in the High Jump. She is always remembered with her thick, curly hair that crowned her long and wiry physique.


Rosa Mota

One of the best known faces among women track and field stars, particular in marathon. The Portuguese ex-athlete defined what is the greatest marathon runner of all time. Here at Estetica, we love her beauty in the strength of her smile and in her unbeatable perseverance.


Florence Griffith

The American sprinter was nicknamed Flo-Jo and won the Olympic 100m, 200m, and 4x100 relay at Seoul in 1988 was the perfect icon of 1980s. She held the world record in both the 100 and 200 metres. Although Griffith died young, her grace on the field will never be forgotten. She was also famous for her eccentric look with her super long nails. A forerunner of today’s nail trends nearly twenty years ago.


Katrin Krabbe

The German runner, whom could have been a top model, won the world championship in the 100 and 200 metres in Tokyo 1991. Although she was disqualified for doping and then excluded from the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, which put an end to her career. In our eyes, she is still one of the most beautiful women in track, with her graceful movements and beautiful facial features.


Heike Drechsler

Probably of the most charming athletes of all time, Drechsler won the gold medal at the Olympics in Barcelona 1992 and in Sydney 2000 for the long jump. She is the only woman to have ever won two gold Olympic medals in this event. We love her natural blonde hair and her perfectly well proportioned physique, in spite of such advanced physical prowess.


Trecia-Kaye Smith

The Jamaican Trecia Smith was the world champion in Helsinki 2005 and specialised in the triple jump. Not only her strength in her jumps is so outstanding, she also stands out for her somewhat beautiful Spartan look. Her only concession to frivolity is her long hair in dreads that are often gather together in elaborate pony tails. 


Merlene Ottey

A Jamaican sprinter and naturalised Slovenian since 2002. She was the world champion of 200 metres in Stuttgart 1993 and Gotheburg 1995. She won the women’s record of Olympic participation (with seven), and probably won the most (fourteen) medal in world track championships. Although she was never a hair fashionista, with her Panther-esque eyes, we number her among the women athletes to be remembered.


Blanka Vlasic

Croatian athletes - Vlasic is specialised in the high jump, won the world championship in Osaka 2007 at 2.05m and in Berlin 2009 at 2.04m. She is certainly one of the most attractive women on the track today, and probably the most loved athlete by many of us no matter which nation you support too. She is famous for her passionate expressions on the field, and she really knows how to work the crowd! Blue eyes, a stylishly short cut, and always with some trendy little accessory, such as her sparkling belly button piercing and painted nails. She truly shines on the track in so many ways.


Elena Isinbaeva

The Russian athletes specialised in the pole vault. She became the first woman to break the historic record of 5.00 metres with the pole vault, and beating the world record 28 times and still holding the record today at 5.06m outdoors and 5.01m indoors. Elena, is another amazing athletes who attracts so much attention not only for her sport records! Her beauty lies in her long, raven black hair that frames the bright blue eyes perfectly.


Jessica Ennis

The English track & field athlete who specialised in multi-disciplines events and 100m hurdles is quite a national heroine and loved by the nation. She is the former European and world heptathlon champion and the former world indoor pentathlon champion. She is the current British national record holder for both the heptathlon and the indoor pentathlon, and of course, England’s hopeful candidate to win a few gold in this year Olympics London 2012. Besides winning medals on the field, its not hard to see why Ennis is frequently being voted and awarded with titles such as “Ultimate Woman of the Year Awards”, “Outstanding Female Athlete”, “British Athlete of the Year” and so on. Ennis is probably the smiliest athlete on the field, and her innocent child-like smile has no doubt won the whole nation many times over. Although Ennis always wear her hair in pony tails on the field, she is often seen wearing more different hairstyles on her day off.  



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  • Beauties of Olympics

    Sara Simeoni - Italy

  • Beauties of Olympics

    Rosa Mota - Portugal

  • Beauties of Olympics

    Florence Griffith - United States of America

  • Beauties of Olympics

    Katrin Krabbe - Germany

  • Beauties of Olympics

    Heike Drechsler - Germany

  • Beauties of Olympics

    Trecia-Kaye Smith - Jamaica

  • Beauties of Olympics

    Merlene Ottey - Jamaica

  • Beauties of Olympics

    Blanka Vlasic - Croatia

  • Beauties of Olympics

    Elena Isinbaeva - Russia

  • Beauties of Olympics

    Jessica Ennis - Great Britain


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