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BED HEAD – New Straighten Out & On The Rebound

Tuesday, 18 December 2012 20:10

TIGI - Bed Head’s new take on the important business of tackling the extremes: getting hair seriously straight, or bouncing with curls complimented with excellent shine and long lasting definition.

Bed Head’s latest adventure saw a new tackle on reaffirming both straight hair and curls looks with a simple but wonderful touch. The new products ‘Straighten Out’ and ‘On The Rebound’ works wonderfully with simple application allows both stylists and home users to achieve high shine finish and a long lasting effect.



The humidity defying straightening cream provides smooth, tamed hair, and long-lasting straight with improved manageability, frizz control and enhanced texture. The two main feature ingredients - thermo-setting polymers with Bed Head’s new heat-powered technology, provides a platform for the hair works with the heat from hot irons to provide humidity-proof straight and smooth hair; and conditioning agents which smooth the hair cuticle for super shine as well as calming static for combating frizz and added strength and elasticity. This fine solution t is proved with tests saw the effect lasting up to more than 48 hours, leaving beautiful straight hair supercharged all day and all night. Simply apply to damp hair and comb through for even distribution. Blow dry hair until completely dry and use hot irons in small sections to seal in the straight.



The amazing rebound ensures flattened, collapsed curls are able to spring back into shape after scrunching. Maximum curl retention that protects hair from humidity, helping ensure defined curls and ringlets. The new one-scrunch technology’s main feature ingredients contain curling-styling resin provides excellent curl hold and definition, instantly reforming to ensure curls spring back into shape with just one touch; silicone provides thermal protection that fights frizz, smooth curls and gives the hair serious shine; and glycerine that moisturises curls.

Tests show after applying On The Rebound recall cream and styled, it needs only one scrunch after the head is wrapped in cling film for two hours to flatten the hairstyle (simulate the effects of wearing a hat); the curls were able to bounce back to life, spring back in shape and maintain the soft and well defined ringlets when the hair was first styled into! Simple application only requires an even distribution onto damp hair and diffuse, or air dry for.

Try it today to get your hair benefit a whole new fuzz-free shine and stayed in shape!


Bed Head

  • BED HEAD – New Straighten Out & On The Rebound

    Straighten Out - Humidity defying straightening cream

  • BED HEAD – New Straighten Out & On The Rebound

    On The Rebound - Recall cream


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