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TIGI's Bed Head Wax Stick Celebrates 20 Years of Changing the Face of Hair!

Thursday, 13 October 2016 10:48

Developed in 1996 during the height of the cultural phenomenon of Brit Pop, the Bed Head Stick was the go-to product for achieving the purposefully messy and carefree look that was made popular by indie rock bands like Oasis, Blur and The Verve.  


The product soon became known simply as ‘The Stick’ and, like all true cult classics, it found its place inside hairdresser kitbags and bathrooms all over the globe.  Soft and pliable with a semi-matte finish and the ability to instantly create texture and hold, the Bed Head Wax Stick revolutionised hair styling with its cheeky tone and its links to youth-culture.  It led to the growth of a brand renowned for its ‘in your face’ packaging, strong fragrances and fantastic performance.

The product was created by TIGI Founder and International Artistic Director, Anthony Mascolo, because he wanted a quick and easy way to get wax into hair without leaving residue on the hands, particularly when styling the hair of many models in busy environments, such as backstage at shows. He explains how it catapulted TIGI from a niche brand to a world leader: “When we came out with The Stick it revolutionised the whole ethos of what we were doing with products.  Starting from the Bed Head Stick and developing it into the Bed Head brand, we transformed the whole hair styling concept and created the idea of mixing and matching products. We played with the product to get the effects and styles we wanted. We used a lot of different types of wax and a lot of products designed for Afro Caribbean hair that gave a different effect to the hair. At the time, the most used products were mousses to build volume so we really changed people’s perceptions.” 

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