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Fudge Professional Dry Shampoo

Tuesday, 26 September 2017 10:36

Fudge Professional has upgraded its Dry Shampoo for the digital age. One more day technology prolongs the life of a hairstyle, absorbing grease and odours and giving your time-poor customers one less task to slot into a hectic schedule.

The future-forward formulation rejects traditional ingredients of talc and its tell-tale white deposits, favouring Tapioca Starch, a natural absorbent material instead. Noticeably more spherical in shape, Tapioca Starch gives the appearance of being less white because it refracts light differently.

Modified with silicone to help improve efficacy, Dry Shampoo is a must- have nature science mash up. Not only does the spray spring clean strands, it also adds style support and boasts a renewing quality. An apple and coconut fragrance seals the deal which your clients will love. “Dry Shampoo gives your clients hair a brilliant, strong blast of freshness, whilst leaving no white residue - even if they’re restyling their hair,” explains Katie Barker, Head of Product Development at Fudge Professional. “Hair is prepped with texture and volume that lasts all day, making the hair easier to style.” 


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