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New Pramasana Scalp Care by Aveda

Monday, 20 November 2017 15:34

When winter approaches, we take special measures to protect our skin ahead of the punishing times ahead, but the skin on our scalp is more often than not overlooked, despite its propensity to suffer in challenging weather conditions. 

The experts at  Aveda believe that your scalp is an extension to your skin and also should be treated to an effective deep cleanse to help skin cell turnover and encourage a clean, healthy and protected scalp. “A healthy scalp is free from any debris caused by flaking or dryness and has pores that are clear,” explains Michael Lendon, Aveda Advanced Master Creative Director. “The colour of the skin on the scalp is almost translucent and has a cool blue tone.”

With this in mind: enter Aveda Pramasana Collection – a 96% naturally-derived three-step targeted scalp-care collection that encourages micro-circulation in the scalp, balances sebum levels and gently purifies and nourishes the scalp to see you through the brittle weather. And with your winter facial, why not upgrade to a scalp facial with Aveda Pramasana Scalp Facial, a deeply nourishing scalp masque and massage to create a clean foundation scalp base.

For the extra in-depth look into your scalp, visit your local Aveda destination for a complimentary Scalp to Soul consultation, including a free healthy hair and scalp check-up using innovative digital scalp camera technology that magnifies by 600% to reveal the health of your scalp, followed by comprehensive hair diagnostics from your Aveda Artist and a personally prescribed winter scalp and hair care routine.


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