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Go Lighter & Brighter, Without Compromise

Friday, 31 May 2019 08:38

Introducing new TIGI Copyright Colour True Light Freestyle Blonder - specially designed for creative colourists with a passion for freehand techniques such as balayage, micro or baby lights.

The freehand trend has dominated the colour industry over the past decade becoming a modern classic technique. With trends in extreme transformation on the rise, salons require high performance solutions that respect hair condition and integrity. That's why the TIGI Copyright Colour technical team has developed a new innovative clay lightener empowering colourists to create lighter and brighter healthier blondes without compromise. Formulated with clay and Mineral Oil, True Light Freestyle Blonder guarantees seamless application, achieving up to 7 levels of lift in only 40 minutes, for quicker and easier freehand painting services. Hair integrity is TIGI’s top priority, so the True Light Freestyle Blonder features an Anti-Breakage Arginine Complex to preserve excellent hair condition during the lightening process. 

The Freestyle Blonder is an absolute salon must have and the perfect colour partner to TIGI Copyright Care SOS Extreme Recovery and Booster Treatments. Indeed, the SOS Treatment’s revolutionary anti-breakage technology returns hair to virgin condition in only 5 minutes* providing resilience before, during, or after any chemical service. The Copyright Booster Treatments can be cocktailed to create bespoke conditioning, shine or repair services to accompany your blonde clients through their transformation journey. When used as a system Tigi Copyright True Light Freestyle Blonder, TIGI Copyright Repair regime and SOS Extreme Recovery Treatment offer the ultimate anti-breakage blonding solution for any client’s hair colour or type. 

“As a salon owner and educator, I know only too well the importance of delivering fast, easy to apply, lightening services that don’t compromise hair condition," says Christel Lundqvist, TIGI Global Technical Creative Director & founder of STIL-Salon. "That’s exactly why TIGI created Copyright True Light Freestyle Blonder. Supported by TIGI Copyright Care SOS and Booster regimes, salons now have the power to transform their clients’ hair into beautiful, shiny, healthy blondes, resulting in increased client satisfaction and loyalty as well as retail growth and increased profitability.” 

Elevating the craft of hairdressing is at heart of what TIGI does, the brand's education programme embarks hairdressers on a learning journey to develop their service business by investing in their team, tailoring courses to your salon’s need to offer the best combination between creative, commercial and technical education. To inspire colourists to achieve their full potential and create perfectly suited blonde shades tailored to each client, TIGI recommends the Creative Consultation programme. The Creative Consultation programme focuses on unlocking in-depth consultation techniques based on the individual client’s skin and hair suitability, and lifestyle. With this information, the colourist can give a personalised colour service and customised aftercare regime. This results in increased client loyalty and provides the perfect opportunity to up-sell services. 

*When used as a system, reduction in breakage vs non-conditioning shampoo.

Here’s what some of TIGI’s Technical Creative Experts are saying:

“Before creating the perfect shade of blonde for my clients, I always assess their complexion, skin tone and eye colour. This helps me decide how light or dark the colour should be as well as the whether the undertone should be warm or cold.” Christel Lundqvist, TIGI Global Creative Technical Director & Founder of STIL- Salon 

“The end results are amazing. The clients don’t just see a perfect blonde, they see healthy hair! Using the TIGI Copyright Care portfolio with blonde services, the colourist can be confident they’ll achieve beautiful wearable hair every time. And with SOS Extreme Recovery reducing damage levels in just 5 minutes, you have the perfect partner for all blondes services, and can be sure your work gives hair total integrity.”  Kerrie O’Reilly, European Technical Director 

“We have just launched our Creative Consultation Expert programme to our customers! We are super excited to have a course that discusses seasonal fashion trends and how we can tailor these trends for each of our clients. The programme also allows our advanced colorists to really take their client consultation to the next level. In Creative Consultation Expert we look at the perfect pallet for each individual client. We take into consideration the main features and characteristics that make up complexion and that allow you take colour change to the next level.” Warren Boodaghians, Global Technical Academy Director 

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Colour: Christel Lundqvist 

Cut: Anthony Mascolo 

Hair: Anthony Mascolo, Joshua Mascolo, Kieron Fowles

Make-up: Pat Mascolo and Katie Moore

Photos: Alex Barron-Hough

Wardrobe:  @jivd  

  • TIGI Copyright Colour True Light Freestyle Blonder

  • TIGI Copyright Colour True Light Freestyle Blonder

  • TIGI Copyright Colour True Light Freestyle Blonder

  • TIGI Copyright Colour True Light Freestyle Blonder



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