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The LEOPA-R2 Air Collection Professional Hairdryer

Monday, 16 September 2019 14:11

The Leopa-R2 Air Collection professional hairdryer is a state-of-the-art tool that incorporates technological advances that will surprise and convince the most discerning professionals in the hairdressing sector.

CBR Professional, a company based in Barcelona, has exclusive European distribution rights for hairdryers equipped with Korean company JMW’s (patent holder) eco-friendly BLDC MOTOR. All our products comply with the strictest European and international regulations, such as CE regulations and RoHS certification, among others.

The secret of a BLDC motor is the magnetic fastening of its motor block and its structure without any carbon brackets or brushes. This feature is a breakthrough for both health and the environment as it eliminates the emission of particles harmful to the health of users and customers. In addition, the two lateral openings of this type of friction-free motor facilitate rapid expulsion of particles, dust and other elements, preventing their penetration into the interior of the motor body, as is the case with conventional hairdryers which only have one rear opening. Due to these advances, the durability of a professional Leopa-R2 Air Collection dryer is 30,000 hours of service life (15 times longer than regular engines).

There are many other reasons that make the Leopa-R2 Air Collection an exceptional tool:

• 50% less consumption

Its power, technology and versatility are synonymous with saving and energy efficiency. The capabilities of Leopa-R2 Air Collection mean a guaranteed saving in working time and energy consumption, which is beneficial for both our health and our pocket.

• 60% faster drying time. Thanks to the ULTRA 2X ™ flow system

A flow and precision of air that breaks records. ULTRA 2X ™ air flow power system, equipped with a new enhanced power integrated circuit and a high performance neodymium magnet.

• Ergonomic, lightweight design weighing only 430g

Its lightness, ergonomics and safety profile provide great benefits for the user; significant physical relief in arms, wrists and ease of posture.

It has a digital LCD screen that displays the working mode, drying speed and temperature setting at all times. It also has dual safety devices, electromagnetic wave blocking and a novel double insulation system in the nozzle which prevents overheating to touch.

• 30 different types of drying: 6 speeds and 5 heat setting

Customise your optimal drying modes quickly and easily.

Thanks to the microprocessor chip and digital control system, the OPTI AIR SYSTEM ™ performs detailed tasks to provide a hugely versatile range of 30 different drying options.

• Super Ionic Conditioning  

Solves the problems of curling and static electricity allowing even softer, brighter drying styles and preventing possible hair damage. In short, we are talking about one of the great innovations of the hairdressing sector that surprises every professional for its capacity and profitability. No doubt a great business opportunity.

To summarise, CBR Professional markets proven quality products with a previously analysed commercial impact. New market proposals that meet all European standards for quality, energy efficiency and respect for the environment.


  • Leopa-R2 Air Collection

  • Leopa-R TOP BLDC

  • Leopa-R Black Shine


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