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Red Deer Introduces Barber-T Trimmer

Wednesday, 25 September 2019 09:28

Red Deer Barber Tools are developed and manufactured in Germany specifically for professional heavy-duty use – all day, every day. They combine the extremes: power meets precision, technology merges with design and absolute quality with lightweight handling.

The Barber Clipper No.1 was the first tool from this ancestral line of high-tech machines: a tool for movers and shakers who value quality and style and demand everything from them. In 2019, the Red Deer Evolution continues with the newest member of the family  - the Barber-T Trimmer -being presented at the International Barber Convention on 14 & 15 September in Düsseldorf. 

Perfect for everything that follows cuts with the clipper, the Barber-T Trimmer ensures precision detailing and razor-sharp contours. The 36mm wide T-Blade made of stainless steel has a large cutting surface and another advantage: difficult areas around the ears or beard are easy to reach, straight shapes and transitions are easy to achieve The safety blade also creates the perfect balance between precise sharpness and cutting safety. In short: the T-Blade offers optimal flexibility for all creations up to tattooing.

Working with the Barber T-Trimmer provides optimum freedom: with 80 minutes of battery power, the lightweight machine glides from cut to cut smoothly, safely and with barely noticeable vibrations – just full of comfort and convenience, all day, every day.

For further information CLICK HERE 

Instagram: @reddeerno.1 

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