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Andis’ Signature Performance & Precision Goes Cordless

Friday, 01 November 2019 10:11

How can you get those precise fades all your clients want in total freedom? Ask Andis!

We’ve all seen the latest trends in men’s barbering. Those incredibly precise lengths, lines and fades that keep your clients looking perfectly groomed with very little effort. Pulling off looks like these obviously takes skill and talent, but –as Dad used to say– a workman is only as good as his tools. This is where Andis steps in. As a world-leading manufacturer of clippers, trimmers and handheld tools for barbers and hairstylists since 1922, their latest innovation leaves barbers freer than ever to move and create while continuing to guarantee high-speed cutting performance and precision.


“This clipper may look like the classic Master, but inside lies state-of-the-art engineering and technology that makes this the most powerful, high-speed cordless clipper Andis has ever built,” says Matt K. Andis, Co-President of Andis Company. “In addition, our constant motor speed technology ensures it won’t drag or stall – even when cutting the thickest hair.”

The Master Cordless Li gives barbers and stylists the same renowned high-speed cutting performance and precision as the original Master Clipper, but now with more power and the added flexibility of a cordless design.

Andis also made sure that the Master Cordless’ powerful lithium-ion battery provides a full 90 minutes of run time and weighs nearly 30 percent less than the corded version of the product, once again demonstrating that Andis fully understands the needs of the barber to keep up with his or her workload in a busy shop while avoiding fatigue. This model is also ideal for tapering and fading because the Master Li blade adjusts from size 000 – 1 with a simple flick of a lever. Moreover, the premium charging stand has been cleverly designed to keep work stations uncluttered and organized.

The overall design of the tool bears Andis’ signature styling and design, with its unbreakable aluminium housing for both durability and simple good looks, and adjustable carbon-steel blade that stays sharp long to keep on cutting.

Once again Andis demonstrates that their tools are engineered and designed to deliver the precision, performance and freedom professionals demand to express their art through hair and reach beyond their creative potential.

For more information on the Master Cordless Li CLICK HERE  


  • Andis Master Cordless Li

  • Andis Master Cordless Li

  • Andis Master Cordless Li

  • Andis Master Cordless Li

  • Andis Master Cordless Li

  • Andis Master Cordless Li

  • Andis Master Cordless Li

  • Andis Master Cordless Li

  • Andis Master Cordless Li

  • Andis Master Cordless Li

  • Andis Master Cordless Li


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