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Straightening & Curling by Kent Salon

Tuesday, 18 February 2020 15:20

With its combination of natural and nylon bristles in differing lengths, Kent Salon’s straightening and curling brush is your secret weapon for creating shine... as it simply glides its way through the hair!.

Like a chef choosing the right knife for the job, or an artist finding the right paintbrush for a specific stroke, choosing the right hairbrush is the secret to giving your clients gorgeous, shiny locks. 

First and foremost it’s important to find the right brush in a mix of strengths and bristle alignments. Using a brush like Kent Salon’s straightening and curling brush KS17 with its combination of natural and nylon bristles in differing lengths helps with grip, shine and distributing oils throughout and will help you glide through the hair without tugging or causing damage and in turn create that glossy look. 

Celebrity hair stylist Michael Douglas is a huge fan: “There are a few staples that never leave my kit bag and the Kent Salon KS17 is one of them," he explains. "It’s the perfect multi-tasking brush – I use it on all my clients, for everything from creating tons of volume at the roots to a classic sleek blow-dried bob.”



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