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4 Great Reasons to Try Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Wednesday, 15 April 2020 11:02

If you have a client who is  considering hair extensions for the very first time, but isn't sure about taking the plunge, GL Certified Stylist, Tom William Maddison from Maddison Hair, has shared with us his top four reasons why Great Lengths is the right choice.

Everyone knows that hair extensions are great for creating length and Great Lengths hair extensions are no exception, but some clients do not know they can also add volume. Or have you ever thought that it could help hide a bad haircut? Hair extensions are also great at adding subtle colour without damaging your hair with hair dye.

Throughout Tom’s extensive career in hair extensions – Great Lengths has always been his go-to brand, not only is the quality consistent but Great Lengths product launches are always innovative and high quality.

Here are Tom’s top four reasons why hair extensions are really worth the investment.

1. Colour

Have you ever considered experimenting with different colours in your hair, but you’re worried it may look bad or won’t suit you, or you might be worried about the damage it can cause for your natural hair. Hair extensions make this process simple and easy for you. Adding hair extensions into your hair can create the illusion of adding highlights or lowlights. This allows you to test and try without the long-term commitment of damaging your own natural hair! The beauty of hair extensions? If you don’t like the results, you can simply remove them, as quickly as you applied them.

Tom uses Great Lengths hair extensions due to the sheer range of colour options available With over 80 shades to choose from  including naturally blended base shades, fashion colours, flow-strands and root stretch colours, Great Lengths can offer a seamless blend with your natural hair or help introduce more colour and depth without using chemicals.

2. Volume

If you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair, we understand that it can take a hit to your confidence. hair extensions are great for getting back the volume you once had. It’s always important that you sit through a consultation with your hair extensions artist for them to assess which hair extensions type is best suited to your natural hair and lifestyle.

Great Lengths Hair Extensions also help you achieve that extra volume you’ve always dreamed of – all it takes is a few strands of hair. You can go short and voluminous to add that extra oomph, or go long and luscious for that perfect hair flick moment!

3. No Damage

If you’re looking how to cause no damage to your hair and want it to still look as fabulous as ever, here’s your trick! Applied correctly, hair extensions cause absolutely no damage to your hair whatsoever. Extensions such as bonds and GL Tapes from Great Lengths can promote healthy hair and growth.

The Great Lengths patented keratin bonds have been scientifically proven not to damage your natural hair, so you can be assured that your tresses will look and feel 100% all the time.It is always best to seek a hair extensions artist who not only knows extensions but can expertly fit them into your hair. 

4. Length

The experts at Great Lengths understand the frustration of having hair that is destined to not be the length you want. No matter how patient, gentle, and caring you are to it – it simply won’t grow. If this is something you are experiencing, then hair extensions are the perfect solution.

To discover more about Great Lengths or to find a certified salon or stylist CLICK HERE


  • Use Great Lengths to add Colour and Volume.

  • Completely damage-free when applied correctly, Great Lengths are ideal for adding length with texture.


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